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The Lily of the Valley, official flower of the month of May.

The showers of April have cleared (for the most part) and your May is hopefully full of sunshine, flowers, and springtime.

We are happy to announce a new Access ACS release for May 2013. In this release the team has made enhancements and corrections necessary to improving your overall Access ACS experience.

For a printable version of these release notes, download the PDF 





Online Giving Reports

We have added the Online Giving to ACS Pay Plus report to Reports > Online Giving Reports. This report is important for administrators switching from Access ACS Online Giving to ACS PayPlus; it lets administrators view the status of recurring gifts that were marked Inactive during the switch from Access ACS Online Giving to ACS PayPlus.


In addition to this new report, we have also added to ability to e-mail individuals who need to reactivate their recurring gifts right from the program. That way you can gently remind them that they need to re-establish their gifts without too much fuss. Select the individuals you want to send an e-mail to, click Send E-mail, compose your message, then click Save and Send.



Event Registration

When you copy an event, a copy of the event is now created in Facility Scheduler. This includes canceled events.  


Corrected issue with carriage returns not working in the HTML editor to send messages to individuals in Windows 8.

Corrected issue with the Forgot your password link not verifying an email address before attempting to send a reset password email.

Corrected issue with individual records not printing correctly from the Serving tab in Access ACS.

Corrected issue with being unable to delete Small Group meeting times in Internet Explorer 10.

Corrected issue with being unable to delete a recurring giving gift in Internet Explorer 10.

 Corrected issue that occurred when you clicked the Date header in the My Commitments section of Serving. The following message displayed:

"Date<span class ='gridHeaderSortSortAsc'>&nbsp;</span>" 

 If you use Internet Explorer 10, you no longer receive an error when you enter a phone number with formatted characters, such as dashes.

 Corrected an issue that produced an error when a member attempts to email the contact of an event registration.

 Corrected an issue where guest users who register for an event were unable to view their guests on the My Guest Registrations tab of the Dashboard.

 The Seats Sold window no longer fails to load when the payment status can't be determined.

 You can no longer enter a negative amount for a canceled event when you edit an offline event registration payment.