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April showers bring May flowers, and also a new release of Access ACS. We hope the enhancements and corrections in the May 2012 Access ACS release are as pleasing to you as a field full of beautiful spring flowers.

Events Administrator E-mail Confirmation Changes

We moved the administrator e-mail confirmation option to the final confirmation page during event registration. You can now skip the Payment Selection page when registering for a free event.

If the primary registrant does not have an e-mail address, the Confirmation tab displays an alert.

To prevent duplicate e-mail messages from being sent, after you click Send E-mail Confirmation, the wording changes to Confirmation Sent.

Loading Indicator on Events Registrations Page

A new loading indicator on the Registrations page helps you determine when the program is processing new filter settings.

 Image Size

We have increased the file size limit for images from 4MB to 10MB.

Completely Free Events

An event that does not have a cost associated with the main event, sub-event, or supplies is a completely free event. We have made the following changes to the way completely free events display based on your requests.

The event and sub-event drop-down lists on the Periods pages no longer display the word "Free."

The Supplies page no longer displays a cost for supplies.

Event registration pages no longer display a running total in the top right corner.

 The Payment Selection page no longer displays during event registration. Due to this change, we moved the administrator e-mail confirmation to the final page.

The Summary page and confirmation no longer display sub-total and total columns.

Event Registration

Events that are not completely free, but contain some no-cost items, now display dashes next to the items.

Events that are not completely free now display the word "Free" next to no-cost supplies on the Supplies page.

To improve readability:

  • on the Supplies page, we moved the monetary sub-total to the right column.
  • on the Summary page and confirmation, we moved the registrant’s name and indented sub-events and supplies.



The Send E-mail Confirmation button does not send a confirmation when registering for a free event.

Answers entered in the Sub-Events section do not display when registering multiple people or after clicking Back.

Headers in the Sub-Event Setup Expert tab did not always indicate that you were creating or editing a sub-event, rather than a main event.

Unlisted phone numbers and e-mail addresses display when exporting to Excel from Groups.

Names do not display when an administrator views a directory from a small group.

The Family Directory Name line for certain families does not print.

When using the Event Export, information regarding Event Registrations is exported but the custom Supplies quantity is not included in the export report.

The Event Notification e-mail does not sort individuals by last name. This makes locating a specific member or member who registered unnamed guests difficult.

Clicking the event name in a registration notification e-mail opens an event page that does not display event data until you select a filter.

Certain permission settings prevent the Events drop-down menu from displaying the Calendar options when using the built-in Access ACS Calendar.

If you use the Small Groups web link to view small groups in Access ACS, then attempt to search for a small group, an error page displays.

Certain cell phone providers change the reply-to address to opt-in for text messages. This causes matching issues in Access ACS.

When you log into a second site without closing the browser window, this creates simultaneous sessions on two different sites. As part of this release, if you sign into a second site, it will take control of your sessions.