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We are pleased to announce a new Access ACS release for March 2014! 

This release features several enhancements and corrections to improve your Access ACS experience.  

For a printable version of these release notes, download the PDF .


Retaining contact information when merging guest users to individuals

  Now, when merging a guest user to an individual in the database, you can select which contact information to retain, ensuring you have the correct contact information.

For example, if an individual has multiple addresses, you can delete one address, or you can select to keep them both, but with different address types. Information that matches on both records is automatically retained.  


Selecting and clearing all calendars

 You can now select or clear calendars in Access ACS. This is helpful if your church has a lot of calendars, because you don't have to uncheck all the calendars to view events that display on only one calendar. 

Setting dates in Attendance Statistics

 Now, in Attendance Statistics, you can set a date range to see last week or last month's attendance statistics. This helps you track attendance trends over various date ranges. 

In Attendance Statistics, click Change Date Range. 

Then, you can set a date range and click Go to view those attendance statistics.


Managing documentation for scheduled gifts in ACS Pay Plus

Keeping documentation and authorization forms on file is a big part of managing scheduled giving.

When a gift is added or updated, the donor or a financial administrator must complete an authorization form. You can now complete and print this form within Access ACS. 

To do this, select I understand and agree to the documentation requirements for managing schedule giving and payment methods. Then, you can enter a reason for the update.

For example, if a donor calls you and asks to change his or her contribution amount, you can enter Donor Called via Phone

After entering or updating the gift's details, select I would like to automatically print documentation for this gift

A form that complies with documentation requirements displays, and you can print and file this form. The donor can sign the form, or if you make the changes via telephone, you can enter "Telephone Request" in the signature blank. 

This feature is only available for ACS Pay Plus clients. To learn more about authorization, see Managing Scheduled Giving Payment Documentation. To learn more about ACS Pay Plus, see What is ACS Pay Plus?


Confirmation emails for scheduled gifts in ACS Pay Plus

 When you add or update a gift, ACS Pay Plus automatically emails a confirmation message to the donor. By default, this email includes the scheduled gift's payment amount, account description, payment type, account number, frequency, and scheduled date. It also includes a link for donors to sign in and manage their gifts. You can customize the confirmation message.

Admins can view changes to gifts in Access ACS.


Scheduled Giving Audit Log report in ACS Pay Plus

 In Admin Reports, we've added a new Scheduled Giving Audit Log. You can view scheduled giving updates for a specific donor, updates made by a specific Access ACS admin, or updates made within a specific date range. You can also export this report. This lets you view data easily and without having to access a donor's page.

To read more about this report, see Scheduled Giving Audit Log.


Migration to ACS Pay Plus Status Reports

 If you're migrating to ACS Pay Plus or planning to switch, you can now view your site's migration status as well as the contributors' migration status in Reports > Online Giving Reports.

On the Migration to ACS Pay Plus tab, the Migration Status pie chart displays how many of your contributors are ready to migrate. You can also click on a contributor's name to view migration status. 

For example, if a contributor's Migration Status is Not Ready, it could be due to not having a payment method on file. To add a payment method, click Edit 

You can add a payment method, including one the contributor already has set up in ServiceU. You can also print a report for documentation purposes after entering a payment method. When you register a payment method, it is automatically associated with active gifts, but you can change individual gifts as necessary. 

When you return to the Migration Report, the individual's Migration Status displays as Ready. These new features allow a seamless switch to ACS Pay Plus


Viewing an individual's address uses Google™ Maps

 Now, when viewing an individual's address on a map, the map launches a Google™ map instead of a Yahoo! map.

To view addresses on a map, on the individual's profile, under Addresses, click View Map.


Viewing Reports from the Seats Sold area in Events Setup

 When viewing and cancelling registrations for an event in the Events Setup Expert, a Reports button now displays. This takes you to the Reports area with the event already populated. 


Filtering Event Registrations by Month, Campus, and Department

 When viewing event registrations (Events > Registrations), you can now filter the events list to display events for a specific month, campus, or department. You can drill-down to filter by all, past, future, or cancelled events. 

After filtering the events list, you can use the options on the left to filter registrants by status, date registered, date cancelled, guests, and registration periods. 

 You can also filter the events list when exporting event information. This is helpful if many events have the same name and occur around the same time but on a different campus (or if they have the same name and occur monthly for the year, on each campus).

You can then drill-down to filter by future, past, or cancelled events, if you want.  




 If an individual was added through Access ACS, the individual did not display on a date when marked, even if added prior to that date. 

 When using Add to Class Roster from the Events Registration registrants' page, the effective date option did not display. 

 When trying to print or export the Online Giving or Bank Deposit reports in Internet Explorer 10, errors that the file is damaged or not supported displayed. 

 The Online Giving report exported the Amount column as text instead of currency, so formulas did not work. 

 When printing the Attendance Statistic Report, the incorrect group name displayed in the header, but the statistics and totals were correct. 

 When changing Serving Attributes and Categories, the default categories displayed and attributes did not display. 

 When preparing to send a text, not all individuals receiving the text displayed in the list.

 When sending a message to groups and using Internet Explorer 11, you could not paste into the body of the message. 

 The Online Giving link does not respect the font color selected in Admin > Options > Themes. 

 The incorrect frequency displayed for Small Groups. If the group met every two weeks, it displayed weekly. 

 When using the Enter key in the description field of a Small Group, the line breaks did not display in Access ACS web pages. 

 When a guest user registered for an event and you tried to add them to ACS as a new family, the phone number was blank. 

 When sorting individual reports by Date of Birth, the report sorted incorrectly. 

 When trying to create a member login with an e-mail address with two hyphens back to back, an error displayed. 

 When searching using individual fields and multiple user defined field options, the search ignored individual field criteria. 

 When exporting event registrations to Excel and using the Safari™ browser, an error displayed if the grid list contained multiple pages. 

 When applying a change request created from adding a new family, the error "Phone number is invalid" displayed. 

 When deleting the last primary phone type, Access ACS did not update the preferred phone field in ACS People Suite. 

 When using the Access ACS Calendar in Internet Explorer 11 and not using Facility Scheduler, you could not add or edit a link in the Event Description field.

 When creating a user in Facility Scheduler using four characters, it was not added in Access ACS because it did not meet login requirements.