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The following enhancements were developed and implemented for the March 2012, release of Access ACS.

Help Documentation

With the March, 2012 release of Access ACS, we have completely redone our help documentation system. Now when you click the Help link in the right-hand side of a page you are taken to the new wiki help page associated with the topic.


Click the Help link. . .

and the new help topic displays!

Moving the help documentation to the wiki lets us quickly and easily update help files and receive feedback from you via the Comments section at the bottom of all pages.

Click Add Comment at the bottom of any help topic.

Enter your comment, the captcha phrase, and click Post.


Your post displays on the page. You can edit your comment at any time by clicking Edit.



Kbase Number



If a Member Profile was set to Deny rights for Create Change Request, members with the profile could still create change requests for Contact Preference and Social Media.


Carriage returns and line breaks were not respected when applying an Access ACS change request using the option to send prayer requests to the group leader or Small Group Admin.


When including a user-defined date field in a report or sorting a report in descending order by that date field, the report sorted and displayed the label and date instead of just the date. This caused the sort order to be incorrect.


Addresses could not be located when View Map is clicked.


Error message "DataTable must be set prior to using DataView." displayed when a Lay Leader attempted to mark group attendance for My Leadership - Small Groups.


Staff users who only have rights to Add/Edit Qualifications and Add/Edit Attributes could see the Admin tab when logged in, including Web Links.


Users could not edit an event because the Usermap table was overwritten by the last individual record added to the table.


Phone numbers for Access ACS contacts were lost when synced using Facility Scheduler Outlook Integration.


E-mail notifications generated incorrect cancellations numbers.


Guest users could edit registration information for an event, however the edits were not being saved. This functionality has been removed for Guest users.


When you clicked Register on the Registration Details page, the new Events Login page did not display. The old Event Registration page displayed instead.