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For a printable version of these release notes, download the PDF .

Focus on...

Member Login

Not quite ready to go mobile? You can now clear the Go Mobile link from the Member Login page.

If you're rolling out Access ACS and haven't launched Online Giving or a full directory, clearing the link may be a good idea. You can clear the link in the Global Preferences area of Access ACS.

If you decide to promote Church Life to your members, you can turn the link back on.


 Renamed User Profile Permissions

We've renamed the Outreach section of User Profile Function Permissions to Outreach Connections.

Outreach Connections matches the change request type in the Access ACS Overview. We updated this to help you understand the permissions set on User Profiles.

 Removed Inactive Funds from Display

You no longer have to delete a fund to remove it from Online Giving Setup.

After deactivating a fund in ACS Contributions, it no longer displays in Online Giving Setup > Funds > Manage List or in the Online Giving window.

 Coming Soon

Importing Guest Gifts into ACS Contributions

Soon, your days of printing the Online Giving Report to manually enter gifts from guest givers will be over.

When ACS is released later this summer, you can import guest gifts from both individuals and organizations. Guest gifts will continue to display on the Online Giving Report.

We've added a note on the Online Giving Report to remind you of the change. To learn more about this feature, click the import guest gifts link or see Guest Givers.


We fixed the following issues that affected some clients:

  • When adding an individual to an activity or class roster from Event Registration, the individual was added but a change request notification email was not sent.
  • We've updated Access ACS to process event transactions more effectively. Some clients experienced a disconnect issue between registrations and payments.
  • When trying to export ACH transactions from the Online Giving Report and using ACS Pay Plus, "No records to export" displayed.
  • On the Recurring Gifts report, some individuals' Next Gift and Last Gift dates displayed 1/1/0001 instead of the correct dates.
  • When a staff user with appropriate rights in Facility Scheduler tried to book Access ACS events that include restricted resources, the resources did not display as options. Inactive resources also displayed in the list of resources.
  • When importing connections and verifying that the date range is correct, then clicking Cancel because it is correct, the date range reverted to the default date.
  • When trying to cancel an individual from an event in the Seats Sold area and confirming the cancellation, the Seats Sold displayed an incorrect number if you clicked OK several times or deleted an individual who already cancelled from the event.
  • When an Organization's profile permission was set to view Online Directories, the Directories option was not available when the Organization logged into Access ACS. 
  • When uploading to Access ACS for the first time, the OnDemand files did not populate the 6-digit site number. In Scheduled Tasks, the error "Prior to scheduling an upload, you must complete a manual upload through ACS People" displayed.
  • Exporting event reports that included custom questions was inefficient, and the report timed out.
  • The text message opt-in failure e-mail notification was not sent to all administrators you indicated.
  • When new Access ACS sites tried to edit small groups, they received the error "There is no row at position 0". Sites could add or delete groups.
  • A timeout error displayed in Reports > Event Reports > Transactions.
  • If the Access ACS upload did not include contributions but contributions were a part of normal uploads, all selections, including Sort Order for Online Giving funds were cleared in Access ACS. This resulted in incorrect ACS Pay Plus URLs for some funds.