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Text Giving is Here!

If you use Online Giving with ACS Pay Plus, text giving can be added at no additional charge. 

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How Text Giving Works

When contributors give via text, they text your church's keyword and the gift amount to 73256 on their smart phones.

For example, if your church's permanent keyword is FBCMTP, donors text FBCMTP 50 to give a $50 donation toward the default texting fund. 


Setting up Text Giving

In Online Giving Setup, we've added the Text Giving tab, where you can set up your permanent church keyword for text giving. 

You can also set up your default fund and set fund keywords that let donors specify where their gifts go. For example, if your building fund keyword is BUILD, donors text FBCMTP BUILD 10 to give a $10 donation to the building fund.

After setting up text giving, you can promote it to your church's members and attendees. The Publicize tab lets you create a text giving announcement for your church's website, bulletin, or projector screen.

Once a gift is submitted through text, it is processed the same as an online contribution. Gifts are matched to donors within Access ACS, and each donor receives a receipt. 

To learn more about setting up and promoting text giving, see Text Giving.

 Updated Online Giving Setup

We've updated Online Giving Setup for a smoother, more intuitive, experience. 

First, we renamed the General tab to Global Settings. We felt General was just... too general, and with our new text giving features, we wanted to emphasize that the selections on this tab apply globally throughout the product. 

The Funds Setup tab now lets you select funds for online giving and text giving. You can also drag and drop funds to reorder them.

 iOS and Android Credit Card Scan

Donors can now scan their credit cards using their mobile device to complete payment forms.

When contributors enter their account information on the payment form, they see the option to Scan Credit Card on the keyboard screen. After the scan, the card's information displays in the appropriate text boxes on the payment form.

This featured is exclusively for ACS Pay Plus clients.

 Adding a Profile Picture in Church Life

Members and attendees can now upload a profile picture in Church Life. This feature is available in both our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Members and attendees can take a picture or add one from the mobile device's photo roll, and the photo displays after a church administrator approves it. 

 Enabling Online Giving

We've updated the process for enabling online giving.

To enable online giving, navigate to Admin > Merchant Account Profile. On that page, you can agree to the fees and charges. 

After signing up, select your giving options and available funds in Online Giving Setup. This makes enabling online giving smoother than before, as you don't have to log out of Access ACS to see the Online Giving Setup menu. 

Once Online Giving is enabled, the message "Online Giving is Enabled" displays. 

 Help Center Updates

Thanks to your incredible feedback at our Ideas to Impact conference, we have given our help documentation a makeover!

While the appearance has changed dramatically, we hope that your experience here continues to be positive.

To use help, click More Info at the top of any Access ACS window.