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The latest Access ACS release features several enhancements and corrections to improve your experience. 

For a printable version of these release notes, download the PDF .


Online registration is closed displays when trying to register for an event with no open registration periods

 When registering for an event with no open registration periods and using a web link, the message "Online registration is closed." displays before you sign in.

Previously, you could sign in and try to register before realizing that registration ended.   

Editing and reordering requirements in the Event Setup Expert

 You can now edit requirements in the Event Setup Expert. This is helpful if you enter requirements and realize you made an error. 

 You can also reorder requirements, supplies, and forms in the Event Setup Expert.

For example, if you entered several requirements and they were out of order, you had to delete everything below the requirement and re-enter it. Now, you can drag and drop the requirements in the grid to reorder them.   

Updated Supply Description heading

 We've updated the Supply Description grid in the Event Setup Expert for better clarity. Previously, this grid's heading was Description.


Reorganized options in the Event Setup Expert

 The checkboxes for collecting additional custom information from registrants and allowing registrants to order additional supplies are now located above the requirements section. 

Optional Memo field now allows 23 characters

 We've updated the Optional Memo field in Guest Giving to allow 23 characters, which is consistent with the Optional Memo field under Give Now

Updated wording in Online Giving Setup

 We've updated the Summary Information wording in Online Giving Setup to help you understand what the option is for. This option enables donors to view pledge summary information while giving. 

The maximum number of event occurrences is now 366

 When setting up a recurring event, the maximum number of event occurrences is now 366. This accounts for events that meet daily.  


We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients:

  • After switching to Vanco Payment Solutions, the quick link for the Bank Deposit Report did not display in the Giving Summary area of the Admin Overview. 
  • When deleting a security profile, an OOPS error displayed. 
  • Under Admin > Options > Web links, nothing happened when you clicked on the Calendar tab. 
  • The Transaction Date was not included in the Events Export, even when the option was selected. 

  • "Object cannot be cast from DB null to other Types" displayed when merging guest users. 
  • In Event Reports, the Event drop-down list was not sorted in alphabetical order in Step 4. You had to use the filter and select All Events to list events in alphabetical order. 
  • When using Internet Explorer and trying to register additional individuals for an event, the small popup window was cut off on the left side. 
  • When using the REST API's Events List by Location, the program did not respect the pageSize query parameter in the code. 
  • When setting up Small Group Connection Notifications in Admin > E-mail Notifications, the merge field (Requester's E-mail Address) displayed as a web address. 
  • When a member registered for an event, the name displayed Unnamed_User_ on the receipt, registrants list, and in other member information. The user did not exist. 
  • When selecting Cancelled Events at the top of the Events Setup page, the data column for Seats Sold did not display, meaning users could not drill down and issue refunds. 
  • Payment methods did not display for recurring gifts set up by administrators because the login records were guest logins. 
  • If a member's address had quotes in it, the payment types did not display when the member tried to give online when logged into Access ACS. 
  •  When logged into Access ACS as an administrator and using Firefox, you could not copy the QR Code links. 
  • The Online Giving Report displayed Online instead of Mobile Gift for transactions made through Church Life.