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Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? Neither did I. Now I am all kinds of behind on my consumption of frozen dairy treats. Well, nothing to do now but get started making up lost ground.

What I did know, though, is that Access ACS was preparing an awesome release for the end of July 2012. We have a little bit of everything here, and hope it makes what you do easier and more convenient.



Text Messaging

We have changed the name of the Phone Opt-in Script to Text Messaging Opt-in Script. We feel this better reflects what the script is actually doing, allowing people to opt-in to your text messaging campaign.


Administrators now receive an e-mail notification when an individual attempts to opt-in to text messaging from your Website and the phone number entered is not in your database.

Online Directories

We have overhauled the Online Directories section of Global Preferences!



  • We have combined the Default Online Directory Preferences and Select Displayed Directory Fields sections into the new Online Directory and Member Search Preferences section.


    Selections made in this new section are only applicable to Members and Lay Leaders; Admins and Staff are not affected.

  • You can select which Member Status(es) display in the Online Directory.
  • You can also select which Member Status(es) have the right to print the Online Directory.

Address Line 2 now prints in the Online Directory.

Online directories print in a larger font for easier reading.

Online directories open in a new tab. Before, when you viewed an online directory it opened in the active tab.

Event Registrations Page Enhancements

We have added a new Export to Excel feature to the event Registrations page! You can export individual registrants, a page of registrants, or all registrants at one time. You can also get specific by exporting registrants based on the search filters.


We have added a new drop-down menu on the Registrations page that better filters event selection. You can now narrow down your selection to view only future events, past events or canceled events.


We have increased the loading indicator functionality that displays when you select an event or an event filter on the Registrations page. 

Small Groups

Small Group Leaders can now upload a picture for the small group. This picture displays when members and guests search for the small group, and on the small group roster page.


Click Add a Photo.

Click Browse.

Locate the image you want to upload.

Click Upload.

The image displays, along with the new options to update or delete the image.


If a small group has a picture uploaded and associated with it, the picture now displays on the Small Group Roster page.

We have simplified the wording that displays for meeting times and dates. So a meeting time and date that was Meets every Thursday of every week and times start from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM beginning 11/26/2012 and ending 11/26/2018 now reads as Meets every week on Thursday from 8:00 PM until 9:00 PM beginning 11/26/2012 and ending 11/26/2018.

When guests search for small groups to join, the small group information displays in a card format instead of a standard list. This helps to keep information grouped together and easier to read.

After a guest clicks on a small group to join, the group details, including any associated image, display.

The I'm Interested in Knowing more about this Group page for small groups has been streamlined for ease of use.



Added a new option to the small group setup process. When entering Group Details you can now select to allow members to automatically join a small group. Admin approval will no longer be required to join the small group.



We added the option to mass add comments to specific groups of individuals from the following pages:

  • Advanced Search
  • Special Groups
  • Locate Individual

Marking Small Group Attendance

As a group leader, when you mark attendance for your group, the Marking Date now defaults to your last scheduled meeting date instead of the current date.

Serving Opportunities

Available serving opportunities now display by opportunity name instead of position name. This makes the selection list shorter and therefore easier for members to find a specific opportunity.

Volunteer Details

Added new field, Childcare Provided, to the Volunteer Details page.



When searching for the leader of a small group to add a small group connection, if the individual being contacted was previously dropped from the group, then the leader will not be found to add the connection.

In Serving, if the location is left blank when searching for an opportunity, and you click a position for that opportunity, on the Position Details screen, the Location field will have a comma instead of just being blank. The comma is used to separate the city and state if provided.

The event registration summary page sometimes displays a time next to the Registration Periods date. The time will no longer display, and all event periods begin and end at midnight.

When registering for an event that has a cost, the sub-event page does not display dashes in the price column next to guests who are registered for free sub-events.

Event registration email addresses do not always update correctly between multiple family members. This issue happens when one family member adds a new email address while a second family member enters an email address that matches one of their existing addresses. Event registration creates a change request for the second family member’s existing address. However, it assigns this address with the email type of the first family member’s new email address.

You will receive an error message if you change the preferred phone number of one family member after editing the shared phone number of the entire family in event registration. If you click Update after receiving this error message, event registration replaces the shared family phone number with the preferred phone number of the individual family member.

The Statistics for Record Count displays all the records in ACS and not the current records uploaded. This is different than what is stated in the message on the Statistics page.

The number of positions filled is not displaying at the top of the Search Opportunities Page.

The Event Registration process sometimes fails due to a failed change request.
The character limit for the organization e-mail address and Web address fields in ACS is 100 characters; the character limit for the organization e-mail address and Web address fields in Access ACS is 50 characters. With this update, the Web address fields in Access ACS supports 100 characters to match the character limit in ACS.