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Since it is still close to Valentine's Day and all, we thought it would be nice to get you some candy.

This is in no way us trying to sugar you up for our latest release. We feel that our enhancements alone will get you up and jumping without any additional sucrose-based stimulants.




The following enhancements were developed and implemented for the February 2012, release of Access ACS.

Kiosk Giving

You can now have more than one virtual terminal for merchant accounts. This means you can allocate one for Event Registration deposits and another for Online Giving deposits. You must have an on-premise merchant account to use Kiosks. Virtual Terminals are only for Online Giving and Event Registration transactions.

Start the kiosk setup process anytime you want from the Add New Features page.


You must have a new on-premise Sage account for Kiosks. Kiosks can only accept debit or credit card transactions. ACH and Credit Card deposits for Kiosks are kept separate from Online Giving and Event Registration deposits, making it easier to see exactly where your money is coming from and how you can maximize it.

New pages dealing with setting up and managing kiosks have been added to the program.

You can set a minimum amount to accept at kiosks. This keeps you from having records where someone gave 0.50.

Members and guests can now give to you anonymously.

You can select which record anonymous gifts post to.

Kiosk transactions display in the Online Giving Report. You now have a place to quickly see how your kiosks are being used.

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With this release you finally have the ability to send text messages! Woohoo! We know you have been patiently wanting and waiting this enhancement for a long time.

Use either JavaScript or HTML to insert the texting opt-in functionality into your Web site:

  • For JavaScript , point to Admin, click Options, then click the Web Links tab. The Phone Opt-in Script is located at the bottom of the page. Copy the script or click Copy to Clipboard, then paste the code in the <body> portion of your page.

You can send a text message from an activity, class, small group, or special group roster page.

When you roll out the new texting features, people will receive an opt-in text message to begin the process of regularly receiving messages from you.

When adding a new phone number to a profile, or editing an existing phone number, the new Receive Text Messages option and cell phone provider must be selected. Once submitted, an opt-in text is sent to the phone number.

Once someone has received your opt-in text, all a person has to do is reply "JOIN" and voilà, text away! If at anytime a person decides not to receive text messages, all she has to do is reply "STOP", to one of the text messages and she will not be bothered again.

When a person signs up to receive text messages, a change request is not created. This should keep the workload needed to start and maintain the texting feature to a minimum for your staff.

We added a new security bit to handle the new texting function. The new Allow to Send Text Message security bit lets people select the Send A Text option from the I want to drop-down list on most roster pages. By default, this security bit is set to Deny for all profiles, except for system administrators.

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We replaced the Calendar menu item with the new Events menu item.

The new Events menu item has three selections:

  • Calendar - Contains all the functions of the old Calendar page.
  • Event Setup - Contains the old Event Registration Setup functionality.
  • Registrations - A brand new page that lets you search events, filter registrants, and copy registrants to groups.

Details related to an event now display on the event log on page when individuals register after clicking an Event Registration Web Link. Other changes were also made to this page to help individuals know what to do.

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Events Setup

Added a new Notify me when registration changes occur option to the Event Registration Location and Contact Information page of Event Setup. Select this option to have an e-mail sent to the contact person when a registration occurs or is canceled. This e-mail is only generated if a change occurs, if no changes occur then an e-mail will not be sent.

We have added a GL Code field to the Registration Period setup page of Event Setup. If you enter a GL Code in the field, all related sub-events default to the code entered. This information also now displays in the Event Revenue Detail Report, Event Revenue Summary Report, and the Bank Deposit Report.

You can now view a person's registration for an event from the Seats Sold page. Click the name of the person you want to view and the event registration information displays.

Individuals can edit name, address, phone number, and e-mail address information during or after event registration. After the edits are submitted, a change request is made and must be approved by an administrator before the changes will take place across the whole program.

We updated the Custom Questions page of Event Registration Setup. Available answer types are now:

  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • List of Options
  • Paragraph Text
  • Single Line Text
  • Yes or No

The New Date of Birth and Gender Answer Types automatically populate when a person registers if that person's information is already stored in your records.

The Goes By Name now displays in the following places:

  • In place of the first name on Event registration pages, the # of Seats Sold grid, Registrants Contact Information.
  • On receipts, payment reports, other internal use reports, and transaction pages.
  • For the contact name for an event.

This update lets leaders and other event members know what name a person wants to be addressed by, creating a more friendly and inclusive experience. The Goes By name will not replace the First Name of the registrant, but simply supplement it. For example, Larry (Bob) Smith. Larry is the First Name, Bob is the Goes By name, and Smith is the Last Name.

A registrant's Suffix now displays on Event Registration pages, Event Reports, and as an export option. This should help eliminate any confusion that may have occurred when a Sr. and Jr. of the same family registered for an event or purchased supplies for an event.

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New Registrations Page

Added a new Registrations page that lets you view the registrants of a particular event. The Registrations page contains options that let you filter which registrants display.

From the Registrations page you can select to:

  • Copy the roster or select individuals to an activity roster.
  • Copy the roster or select individuals to a small group.
  • Copy the roster or select individuals to a class roster.

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The Event Report section, previously located under the Admin menu item, has been moved to the new Events Report tab under Reports.

We have added more field options to the Events Export tab. These fields are now divided into three columns:

  • Personal
  • Cost
  • Registration

Use the Export tab to print a list of all the registration fields available, giving you a convenient record of all the fields without having to print and combine multiple Event Registration reports.

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Because Event Setup and Events Reports are now located on separate menus, we had to create new security bits for each. The two new security bits, Event Setup and Event Reports, were created to accommodate the permission changes we made. On release day, all standard user profiles are automatically updated so the two security bits mirror permissions. Custom profiles, however, are not automatically updated and will need to be manually updated so the security bits match.

We added new Event Registration security bits for user profiles. These security bits let you customize the permissions to several integral event registration setup areas. The permissions are divided in to:

  • Event Setup
  • Deleting Events (staff and admin only)
  • Viewing Registration Lists
  • Viewing Event Reports

The new Event Reports security bit reflects the security settings of the profile associated with the account. This is true whether or not rights are taken away for Event Setup. After the February update, users with customized permissions that include Grant rights to Event Setup are given permission to Event Reports by default. This setting can be adjusted if needed.

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Guest Users

We updated the Guest Users page to improve functionality. Added a new Add to ACS button, and three new columns:

  • Logins
  • Events
  • Gifts

Click a number in any of these columns to view the last 5 logins, events, or gifts made.

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Added Facebook Sharing buttons to the Event Registration Receipts page. You can post directly to your wall or send a message to a group using the new Recommend and Share buttons.


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Kbase Number



Not all small groups display the View Map button.


The copy to clipboard option does not work from any browser when sending an e-mail to more than 100 e-mail addresses.


The Transactions column is being cut off when printing the Bank Deposit Report from the Viewing Details view.


On the Edit Individual page, the user defined list positioning appears to be dependent on the user.


On the View Individual tab, if the last three fields of an individual's Personal Information are edited and the generated change request is applied, the information is not updated/applied to the individual's record in ACS for Windows People Suite.


Information copied and pasted from Microsoft Word to a field causes errors when uploading to Access ACS.


The incorrect calculations are used when a member attempts to disperse a gift to multiple funds.


Preferred phone number not populating the Preferred Phone Number field after the Change Request is applied. Occurs when a phone number is added and marked as preferred in a profile that did not have a phone number.


Users could not access small groups or master groups after editing the meeting time and date for a small group.


Could not mark visitors at the Category level of Activities.


When running a Volunteer Discovery search, attributes not selected for the search are displaying in bold.


After attendance markings are completed, some individuals displayed twice on the Change Request page.


Contributions are not uploading to Access ACS if only the spouse record is uploaded for Combined Contributions.


If multiple administrator e-mail addresses are entered in Access ACS, and a member attempting to add a new member login enters an incorrect e-mail address, the e-mail address in the notification pop-up runs off the page.

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