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The August 2017 Access ACS update features enhancements in several areas. 

Security Features in Event Registration

In this release, we've made some important security updates in Event Registration. 

Contact Information During Registration

For registrants without Access ACS logins, the Contact Information window now asks for the registrant's address and phone number.

For members with and without Access ACS logins, or guests with logins, the Contact Information window asks for the the registrant's e-mail address. Addresses and phone numbers no longer display.

If a guest has logged into Access ACS, the information from the previous registration displays. The registrant can make changes, if necessary.

If a guest doesn't have a login and is not registering himself, the guest can enter the contact's name.

Contact Information When Editing Registrations

We've also added additional security when editing event registrations by entering confirmation numbers. 

Registrants with Access ACS Logins

When editing an event registration, registrants can enter a password or a confirmation number.

By entering a password, the registrant logs into Access ACS and all of the registered guests display.  They can add more guests as well.

By entering a confirmation number, a list of registered guests displays, but contact information does not. The registrant can continue to make changes to the registration. To display family members who are not registered or addresses, the registrant must sign in.

After logging in with a password, the registration window refreshes. Registrants can view unregistered family members, their contact information and add guests if the event is set up to do so.

Registrants without Access ACS Logins

Registrants can enter a confirmation number to edit registrations and vie and edit those they registered initially.

These registrants must create an account to add additional registrations, as the option to sign in does not display. 

Delete Events with Online Payments

You can now delete events (past, future, or recurring) with payments if the last online payment or refund is not within the last twelve months. This is helpful if you want to delete events to clean up your data.

You can still delete any event without online payments, and if you delete an upcoming event, you can select whether or not to send a cancellation e-mail to registrants.

If you delete an event with payments, we recommend printing reports such as the Event Transaction Report first. 

Choose to Send Cancellation E-mails to Registrants

When you cancel an event, you can now choose if you want to e-mail registrants about the cancellation. You may want to let registrants know so they can make other plans. Or, if you're canceling events to clean up your database, you may not want to send e-mails.

Reorder Registration Periods

If you have two or more registration periods, you can now reorder them in Event Registration. This includes registration periods for sub-events.

This is helpful if you decide to add a period with an earlier registration date or a different age group. Once you reorder the registration periods, they display in the new order throughout Event Registration and on exports and reports.

Reorder Sub-Events

When registrants view and sign up for sub-events, they display in the order that the event administrator entered them. Now, you can reorder sub-events to display according to your event's needs.

For example, suppose you're hosting a play and schedule a sub-event to meet the actors after the play. Registrations to meet the cast pour in, so you decide to add a reception prior to the play so attendees can meet the cast there. You can reorder the events so that the pre-performance reception displays before the option to meet the characters after the play.

Once you reorder the sub-events, they display in the new order throughout Event Registration, on the Registrations tab, and on exports and reports.  

Easily Enter Mass Payments

When entering mass payments for event registration, the cursor now returns to the Last Name field, making it easier to search for registrants. 

Church Life .mobi features

We've updated our Church Life .mobi application to include the following features that have been available for Android and iOS.

  • The My Groups menu option lets you view roster records.
  • You can now upload pictures and send them to Access ACS with an API call.
  • Church Life saves your username and password without having to set a Remember Me option.
  • You can view notifications, and if you have the appropriate rights in Church Life, you can add and delete them.
  • Groups now display correctly on an individual's record, and if the individual is a group leader, the position displays.

We also fixed these client-reported issues:

  • When trying to view the Calendar in ACS Church Life, staff users not linked to ACS Facility Scheduler received an error message.
  • The comment field in ACS People Suite, Access ACS, and ACS Church Life is now 999 characters. Longer comments added in ACS People Suite or Church Life did not fully display in Access ACS.

 September 2017 Maintenance Release

Our September 2017 maintenance release includes the following corrections: 

  • When an Access ACS user not manually associated with an ACS Facility Scheduler user logged in, the calendar did not display any events.
  • When an event in the future was canceled or deleted and the administrator requested to send emails, those emails were not sent.
  • In Event Registration, when including guest registrants' names and excluding e-mail, addresses, and phones, "Unnamed_Users" displayed under Seats Sold. This only occured when the guest did not have an Access ACS account.
  • When clicking Show Full Month in Events > Calendar, the calendar did not change to display the full month of events. This only occured when Access ACS was linked with ACS Facility Scheduler.
  • When registering for an event with at least one required custom question, registrants could not continue past the questions if they are registering someone else. After answering the questions and clicking Next, the error "All required question have to be answered" displayed. This only occured if the guest did not have an Access ACS account and the event did not allow additional guests.



  • After merging a guest login with a member login, the user merge e-mail displayed the incorrect e-mail address when logging in. 
  • When an individual without an Access ACS username used the Forgot Password option, Access ACS did not validate the user. Instead, the user's ACS Facility Scheduler password was changed. 
  • In Admin > Group Setup > Small Groups, the window never finished loading. 
  • In Admin > Security > Users > Guest Users, "cannot find table 0" displayed.
  • When setting an Access ACS login e-mail in ACS People Suite, the e-mail displayed the username for the user logged into ACS People Suite, not the Access ACS username. 


  • When sending a group e-mail, the total number of individuals e-mailed was inaccurate if you entered additional e-mail addresses. Instead, the number of individuals selected from the roster displayed.
  • When submitting attendance for worship, "Index out of Range" displayed.
  • When dropping an individual from a small group roster, you could enter a drop date prior to the add date. After clicking Yes, the individual disappeared from the roster and could not be found with the View by Date option. 
  • When selecting View By Date, the small group's roster total of participants included inactive individuals.
  • Serving and small group reminder e-mail notifications did not send.
  • Small group marking reminders were not sent even when selected.
  • When using Directories > Advanced Search to find activities, classes, and small groups, the search did not work properly.

Online Payments and Gifts

  • When adding payment information, "Expiration date must be in the future" displayed if the month was before the current month and the default year was set to the current year. This also occurred in ACS Church Life.
  • After a recurring gift could not be processed due to an expired credit card, congregants received an e-mail without a description of the reason the gift was returned.  
  • When members gave online, the failed transaction e-mail's Reason for Return was not user friendly.


  • When creating an event linked to ACS Facility Scheduler that spans multiple days, the day view in Access ACS did not display correctly, and it did not respect AM and PM.

Event Registration

  • When an administrator registered someone for an event, the confirmation e-mail was sent to someone else in error.
  • When an organization level tried to register for an event and choose contacts, "First Name is required" displayed.
  • When leaders added an event and selected to preview and make exceptions for recurring events, the error "You do not have permissions to perform this action" displayed. The event was added, but Access ACS was stuck on the Add Event window.
  • In Event Export, the date columns were sorted incorrectly. They were sorted by the first character,  then second character, and so forth, rather than by date.
  • When exporting events, not all member statuses displayed. The database did not refresh the data unless users previewed an individual's record.
  • When trying to export .CSV files from the Events > Registrations area, exports did not work in Firefox, Safari, or Chrome on the Mac OS or in Windows.
  • When exporting the Transactions grid in Event Registration, the grid fields were centered in the cells, causing spaces before and after them in the export.
  • When a registration was canceled and an administrator tried to print a receipt from the Payment Details window, an Oops error displayed.

Bank Deposit Report

  • When selecting deposit accounts in the Bank Deposit Report, the filter option did not work.
  • After selecting a date range, displaying results, and trying to print the Bank Deposit Report, the window refreshed but the report did not print. This only occurs when using Internet Explorer 11.
  • When exporting the Bank Deposit Report using the Export CSV to Realm option, guest gifts were excluded.

Church Life

  • Individuals who were dropped displayed in the current rosters for classes and activities.
  • Profile images were blurry in Church Life if they were added in Access ACS and applied to Church Life through a change request, then uploaded back into Access ACS. Images added in ACS for Windows or Church Life displayed correctly.
  • "The network was taking too long to fulfill your request. Please try again" displayed in the Calendar/List view.