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We are happy to announce a new Access ACS release for August 2013. In this release the team has made enhancements and corrections necessary to improving your overall Access ACS experience.


John just got his child's back-to-school reminder e-mail. Other parents are also pleased by this news, so they clap.

John's child is not as enthused as he is.



We have made some exciting changes to Event Registration!

Event Registration

Free events now mean free from frustration!

 We no longer direct registrants to a login page when registering for a free event. This means individuals who visit your events page can view your events without being required to log in or create an account. We hope this enhancement will alleviate any pain-points or inconvenience individuals may have had with event registration.

 Don't want to log in to register for an event? Now you don't have to. We have added the ability to Continue as a Guest to the Event Registration process.

Event Details

 If an event has rules associated with it, they now display in a shaded box on the Event Details page.  The details display at the top of the page throughout the event registration process.

If the event contains more than 4 rules, a View More link displays. Click the link to view the rest of the rules associated with the event.

 Updated the wording for the registering guests check boxes to be easier to understand.

 Guest Users

 Do you have a large number of guest users for your site? Do you recognize some of the names as members of your organization, but don't have any time to look them up? Good news everybody! We have simplified the look-up process. We find the potential matches for you. If one is found for a guest user, a View Matches button displays. This way you can view the information and quickly match the user to an individual in your database.

 Updated the Guest User page to match our other User pages. This included changing how 0 displays in the logins, events, and gifts columns; the actual date of the last log in displays instead of the number of days. The Export Grid and Print buttons have been moved to match placement on our other pages. 

 Updated the merging records process to be more user-friendly and easier to understand.

  Account Information

 We have updated the Create a New User, Forgot Password, and Forgot Username processes to be more helpful and easier to understand.

Forgot Your Password


Forgot Your Username


 Online Gifts - ACS Pay Plus Clients Only

 Want to give a gift but don't have a login? Don't sweat it. We have added the ability to created a login when you give through Access ACS.

Guests are no longer required to first set up a guest account to give online. Instead, the guest can go through the entire online giving process with relative ease and convenience.

On this page the individual can enter the amount to give, select a fund, enter a memo/note to include with the gift, and then enter the email address to associate with the gift.

After the individual clicks Continue, the option to Continue as Guest becomes available.

Once the individual clicks Continue as Guest, the Giving Details page displays. On this page the individual enters that payment information to use to make the gift. All of the gift information previously entered still displays at the top of the page for reference.

After the gift is processed, the individual is taken to the receipt page. The receipt is also automatically sent to the emailed address entered at the beginning of the process.

And that is it! Guests can give easily and quickly.



 Corrected issue with the Online Giving Report not printing in Internet Explorer 10.

 Corrected issue with the Online Giving Report displaying the error message "The message format is not that specified by the extension".

 Corrected issue with PDS Connects stalling and displaying errors when a member changes one of the drop-down menu selections in their personal information and then saving the change.

 Corrected issue that occurred when attempting to view worship attendance. The following error displayed: "Error in getAttendancebyDate : A database error has occurred. Please contact your system administrator if this error persists."