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Ah August, the most happy month for some parents as school gets back in session and they no longer have to wonder if they are going to come home to find that the kids have destroyed the house.

History Fun Fact! *

Many know that Rome was not built in a day, what many do not know is that it was destroyed in one summer afternoon by Flavius and Octavius Sulla who were left unattended by their mother for half an hour.

* ACS Technologies does not ensure the validity of History Fun Fact! and advises you not to reference History Fun Fact! in any research or doctoral papers. You have been warned.

ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the August 2011, release of Access ACS! This release contains enhancements and corrections to improve Access ACS functionality.

We upped the ante this time and made changes to one of our most used areas, Online Giving!

We added a new Manage Payment Methods section to your account information, and we spiffed up the Small Group setup process.



We added a new online giving alert to let you know when a scheduled gift is about to end.


Online Giving

Online Giving got a serious face lift!

 We updated the wording on our online giving pages to be more personable and easier to understand.

 We added labeled steps to the top of each page to let you know you are in the giving process.



 Before, you entered your fund pledges separately. Now, enter a total of all the money you want to give in Step 1; then, in Step 2, divide the sum among the funds available to you. You can only give up to the amount entered in Step 1, otherwise you will not be able to proceed in the Online Giving process. Isn't math fun?

 Wouldn't it be nice to have one central location that displays all the banking data you have entered and let you add, edit, and delete that information on one page? On top of that would it not also be nice to be able to manage your recurring giving from the very same page? Well, wouldn't it? Yes, yes it would and you know what, we have added all of that in this release!

During the online giving process, you can select a payment option from a list of payment methods you previously entered, or you can enter a new payment method on the fly. This information, as well as any other payment methods you have saved, is now stored and displayed on the new Manage Payment Methods page. From this page, you can add, edit, or delete payment methods. You also have the option to manage any recurring gifts associated with a payment method from this page.

 A scroll bar now displays if there are too many funds to show on one page. This makes it easier to locate and enter money for funds.



 You now have an option to add a new payment method to the Payment Method page. Options include entering new credit card information or an ACH account.



 The new Review and Process page lets you look over all of the information you have entered or selected before you process your online giving payment. You can go back to any of the previous steps and make corrections before you click Process Gift.



 In addition to all of the other features for Online Giving we put in this release, we also applied themes to the new Online Giving Spell Check page. This give your site a more cohesive feeling, overall.

 Reorganizing your Online Giving Funds has never been easier with the new drag and drop functionality. Just select the fund you want to move, drag to your desired position in the list, and drop it. No more entering numbers and clicking Update List.

 With the new Online Giving Receipt E-mail template for recurring gifts, you can now create a Online Giving Receipt e-mail to send out when recurring giving is set up, but is not immediately processed.



 Use the Manage Payment Methods tab to manage your financial information from one spot. If you want to delete a credit card or banking information associated with a recurring gift, you must deactivate the recurring gift or assign it to a different payment method first.



Small Groups

 The Online Giving section isn't the only area we spruced up for this release, Small Groups has had some changes made to it too.

  • Added labeled steps to the top of each page so you quickly and more easily see where you are in the small group creation process.

  • The available options for meeting times has been beefed up to allow you more flexibility and control over when a small group meets. The options to not have a set meeting time or date, or have times that vary are now available for you to use.

 Don't believe those Bing commercials...information overload is not a bad thing. Especially not when you are running a small group. Access ACS added two new areas to the mark attendance section for small groups: Comments and Prayer & Praise Requests. Any information you receive regarding the small group can be entered in the Comments text box, while the names and requests of any individuals who want to be kept in the thoughts of your organization can be entered in the Praise & Prayer Request box.


 We updated the small group map. Now when you view a map, a location pin displays at exact meeting location. You can point to the location pin and the small group name and address display. You can now also zoom in and view the small group location on the map.


 Online Directories were updated to better handle pictorial directories. The following enhancements have been made:

  • Directories are now set to page at 3000 entries.
  • Directories are now printable.
  • Directory pictures are now automatically sized to 80x80.
  • Small Group Directories now display the small group name at the top of each page.

Looking Up Individuals

 E-mail addresses have been added to the look-up pages for connections and staff organizations.

Bank Deposit Report

 To help your financial administrators reconcile funds faster, we have added the Fund Name and Memo to the Bank Deposit Report Export.


 You can now e-mail the parents of any children in a group via your e-mail client. This means the selected e-mail addresses are exported to your e-mail client, but you can enter any subject or message you want.



The following program corrections were made to Access ACS in August 2011:

Article Number



The Subevent Cost column is not pulled when exporting data.


When copying to a Roster Group, the available list of groups to copy does not contain any group without at least one individual in it.


On the Member dashboard, the I'm Interested In list does not display all of the available options.


Pledge Information not displaying for Spouse.


The custom question export is pulling custom questions from deleted sub events.


When exporting custom questions, questions with long descriptions are not exported with an answer.


Non-members receive an error page when trying to register for an event with payments.


When viewing and printing Directories, the group name should display at the top of the page.


Dropped individuals are included in the member count for staff on the Small Group search page.


Error occurs when trying to print the Family Pictorial Directory.


The Serving Reminder e-mail is not sent out to members for the first Sunday in January.


On the Dashboard, the option to Select Interests displays a list of available interests. If you have a large list of Interests, the majority of the list does not display.


Time is not displaying for Serving Positions when Unlimited Positions are selected.


On the Bank Deposit Report, if an event name contains the word Online then No Details Available displays.


In ACS 10.6, when all small groups are reset all existing change requests are deleted.


Yahoo maps displays the wrong location if the city name contains an apostrophe.