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The April 2017 Access ACS update features enhancements in several areas. 

Customize Event Registration Receipts

You can now customize event registration receiptsYou can include event details, along with images, receipts for all registrants, receipts per individual, and link to files for downloading. This lets you personalize receipts for each event and helps registrants know which events they've signed up for.

You can also set up custom event confirmation messages for e-mailed receipts, or you can clear the message if you don't want to display a confirmation message.  If you don't set up a custom message, the default message in Global Preferences displays on receipts.

New Ways to Edit Registrations

You can now enter any confirmation number from the event registration receipt to edit a registration.

Members and guests without logins are required to enter a confirmation number. 

Registered Access ACS members with logins can choose to edit registrations using their e-mail address and password or by entering a confirmation number. 

If you lose a receipt, you can request a new one by clicking Resend my confirmation.

Registered members with logins can still log into Access ACS to edit registrations. No confirmation number is needed.

Moved the Refund Message on Events

When you register for an event, the refund message displays between the event's description and the rules. It lines up with the Event Name, Date, and Description and doesn't display as a pop up.

Import Payments into ACS Contributions

When paid events are also charitable contributions (like a Spring Break mission trip), you can export envelope numbers to identify contributors whose gifts need to be imported into ACS Contributions. You don't have to manually add these payments into ACS Contributions. 

Use Your Favorite Browser with Access ACS

You can now use Access ACS in your favorite browser rather than having to use Microsoft® Internet Explorer.

You'll also process change requests and upload records in ACS People Suite rather than Access ACS. To learn more about this change, see Process Change Requests and Upload Records in ACS

Allow Users to Create a Login on your Website

Our Web Links area in Admin > Options now features a link to create a login, and you can add this link to your church's website.

This lets users create a guest user account when their name and e-mail address do not match records in Access ACS.

Import Historical Giving Data to Realm

If you're an ACS Pay Plus client transitioning to Realm, you may need to enter Access ACS gifts into Realm while you're migrating.

To help, we've created an export for the Bank Deposit Report. When exporting the report, select Export (.csv) to Realm. The export contains the contributor's Giving Number (envelope number), Name, Reference, Fund, and Amount.

To ensure the export works correctly, you'll want to enter gifts into Realm Contributions by batch.

Redesigned Connection Responses

We redesigned Connection Responses area to make it more user friendly.

The list of connection responses now features check boxes so you can easily select responses that apply to the connection.  

System Email Improvements

We reviewed and revised several system emails that Access ACS sends out. Not only are these emails more user-friendly and conversational, we made sure all instructions are correct and easy to follow.    

ACS Church Life Features

We've released some new features for Church Life, including:

  • My Groups - My Groups is a solution for church members and group leaders using the app. 
  • Viewing Groups on Profiles - Staff and lay leaders can now view groups on an individual's Church Life profile. 
  • Improved Photo Quality - You can improve the quality of pictures in Church Life by uploading larger pictures to Access ACS. If you include pictures in your uploads to Access ACS, you'll be prompted to upload larger pictures. 

  • When deleting event registrations that are listed twice, an error displayed.
  • When changing Online Directory and Member Search preferences under Admin > Options, "Error activating the guest login account. Please contact your system administrator" displayed when saving changes.
  • When viewing attendance for classes, Access ACS defaulted to May 2016 even when the current month had markings.
  • When you clicked Need a Login in Access ACS, "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" displayed.
  • When marking small group attendance, if you added line breaks or paragraphs to the guest, comments, or praise and prayer request areas, Access ACS did not respect the formatting.
  • When exporting an advanced search to CSV, an Oops error displayed. This also occurred when printing directories with a large number of records.
  • When clicking on Seats Sold in Events > Event Setup and trying to export the grid to Excel, the Date Registered column's data displayed under the Guest column. The columns were not aligned.
  • Access ACS Users with or without logins had profile names of "Unassigned" in Security. 
  • When printing the Calendar view using a browser or OnDemand, the second page was blank.
  • When copying an event without an image, a null object reference error displayed. The event did not display in ACS Facility Scheduler.
  • When a staff member or administrator registered someone for an event, Event Registration emails were sent to the wrong person.
  • When exporting event reports that include the first name, last name, and custom questions, an error displayed. If you included contact emails, the export worked.
  • If Lucida Sansa Unicode was the default font in Themes, when members gave online and selected to save a payment method, the page returned to the Funds page. This occurred for ACS Pay Plus clients using Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • When selecting between deposit accounts in the Bank Deposit Report, the filter option did not work.
  • When editing Custom Questions on events and clicking Finish, a Time Out error displayed.
  • When searching for serving opportunities, "Server Error in '/access' Application" displayed.