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Simplified Event Registration

We've simplified the event registration process for registrants and guests who register from a link on the church's website.

Changes for Event Registrants

Whether you're registering yourself, a family member, friend, or unnamed guests for an event, entering your e-mail address is your first step. This is where you'll receive your event confirmation and any other registration e-mails. 

Next, under Who is attending?, select if you're registering yourself or someone else. As you add registrants, a checkmark displays beside each registrant's name, along with the event. Depending on your event's settings, you may also be able to add unnamed guests.

  Once you register yourself, the heading changes to Who else is attending?.

Your church may request contact information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

You can also add and choose additional contact e-mails. You can enter as many e-mail addresses as you'd like, including registrants, other family members, or your other e-mail accounts, such as personal or work accounts. The e-mail address entered when you begin registering displays by default. 

After confirming your attendees, you can print an event confirmation.

No printer access? No worries! Confirmation details are also sent to the e-mail address provided during registration and any additional contacts you added.

Members and attendees registering for events inside Access ACS will also notice some changes.

  • A checkmark displays beside event attendees, so you'll easily know who is registered.
  • When signing up for options (formerly known as sub events), a checkmark displays beside each selected option.
  • Event Forms have been renamed to Forms, and the Event Questions page is now Request for Information. Both areas still function the same way.
  • You can choose additional e-mails to receive event confirmation e-mails. By default, the registrant's e-mail is selected automatically, but you can add additional e-mails. These e-mails can be others in your family or household, such as spouses or grandparents, or your personal or business e-mail addresses. You can add as many additional e-mails as you'd like.

 Event Registration Changes for Administrators

Event contacts and administrators can now see additional e-mail addresses added during event registration in these areas of Access ACS:

  • The Registrations area In Events > Registrations
  • The Export to Excel
  • The Registrants Contact Information Report
  • The Event Registrations Report

We've also updated the Event Registration Preferences wording in Admin > Options.

 Rename Event Supplies

Event coordinators can now rename supply images. You can change the supply image name to one that's more user friendly, so reusing the image for future events is easier.

 Display Full Addresses in Member Search

When members search for other individuals on the My Overview page, the search results page now displays the member's full address (both Address Lines 1 and 2).

This helps churches and organizations who use the Address Line 2 field for apartment complex names, or unit or room numbers.

 Updated Wording When Viewing Directories

We've eliminated the drop-down list and confusing wording when viewing and printing individual, family, and staff directories, as well as mailing labels.

The previous wording confused administrators who thought that they were sending a file to a printer, rather than viewing a directory.

You can print directories and mailing labels by viewing them, then printing them.

 Display Suffixes and Nicknames in Directories

Suffixes (Jr., III, IV) and nicknames now display when locating families, viewing and printing individual and family directories, and viewing member profiles through search.

This is helpful if your church has families who have several generations with the same first name, as you'll know whose record you're viewing. For example, Leonard L. (Leo) Campbell IV's name displays formally as Campbell IV, Leonard L (Leo) and informally as Campbell IV, Leo.  

 Updated Wording in User Profiles

When adding or editing user profiles, we've updated the description for Member Login to "This profile gives default permissions to members and attendees". Not every church uses the terminology member, so the new description is more accurate.

 Opt In for Text Messaging

We've made it easier for members want to receive text messages but don't complete the entire opt-in process.

When a member opts to receive text messages in Access ACS, the member is pending until they text back. However, sometimes a member might delete a text message or forget to respond. If this occurs, members can now go back into the church's website and re-enter their phone number and wireless providers to restart the process.


We fixed the following issues that affected some clients:

  • When event registrants selected discounted supplies, payments were recorded but event registrations were not.
  • If an event had sub events, the receipt printed “Please download the following forms or file and follow the instructions contained within:”, even when the event or sub event did not contain any forms.
  • If an individual registered for an event with sub-events, then added additional sub-events, later, the later sub-event registrations did not display on the Event Registrations or Event Revenue Detail reports.
  • When adding an event in Access ACS and using Manage Dates to exclude certain dates, the event did not save the exclusions. Administrators had to exclude dates in ACS Facility Scheduler.
  • When merging a guest user to an individual in the database, if the individual did not have an address but the guest user did, the guest user's address was lost during the merge. The e-mail address did not display in the change request and was not added to the merged individuals report.
  • When printing the Family Directory, if a family member had a member status not selected to display (In Admin > Options > Global Preferences), that family did display on the Family Directory.
  • When members changed their preferred interests list and cleared all interests, no change request was created. All other changes created change requests.
  • When a member was a part of a Small Group in recess or inactive, or the member was been dropped but not deleted and has no current active small group, the Small Groups section did not display when the member logged in. In addition, the member could not select Show HIstory to see groups.
  • When giving in Access ACS, duplicate user names were created, which caused the ACS People Suite Gift Import to import duplicate gifts.
  • When an Access ACS user logged in with an e-mail address attached to multiple users, a list of users displayed. One or more of those users read Unnamed_User_###. This only occurred when the Access ACS user had guest gifts.
  • Guest logins for Event Registration and Online Giving displayed errors.