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We are pleased to announce a new Access ACS release for April 2014! This release features several enhancements and corrections to improve your Access ACS experience. 

In June, we also performed a maintenance hot fix


Easily determine if a staff member is clergy or a lay leader

 When viewing an organization's profile in Access ACS, the Staff tab now displays if a staff member is clergy or a lay leader instead of true or false. 

Generate a web link or QR code for online giving in ACS Pay Plus 

 Now, ACS Pay Plus clients can create a web link or QR code to let people give online without logging in. You can place the link on your church's website or social media, and you can print the QR code in bulletins or display it on monitors. 

To find this new feature, click Admin > Options > Web Links, then click on the Online Giving tab.

Filtering the Guest Users tab 

 We've redesigned the Guest Users tab in Admin > Security > Users to work more like the Users tab. You can select Include Inactive Users to display inactive users. A D displays beside an inactive user's name.

This is helpful for managing guest users who make one-time donations. For example, suppose someone who doesn't attend your church logs onto Access ACS and makes a on-time donation. You cannot delete the guest user, but you can mark him as inactive. Being able to filter this grid makes it easier to maintain because inactive users do not display.  

Event details display when selecting attendees 

 When selecting attendees in Event Registration, the event image, details, and dates now display by default. This is helpful because you can see registration guidelines, such as ages or requirements, which helps prevent adults from registering children from adult-only events. 

Event details display when registering for an event from a link on your web site or from within Access ACS.


Event details do not display by default on subsequent pages (such as when selecting sub-events), but you can click View Details to see them. 


Send an email to event registrants 

 You can now send an email to all or selected event registrants from Access ACS. This is helpful if an event is cancelled or updated.  



We fixed the following issues that affected some of our clients:

  • When using the send a message option for any type of group, the option to send to parent of children did not display. 
  • After adding an event in Event Registration, the user, admin, or systems administrator could not edit the event in Access ACS. The Edit Event button was not visible.
  • When using the Export option in Event Reports, the export truncated any question over 128 characters and displayed an error.
  • When a serving position was for every two weeks, the email reminder was sent every week instead of every two weeks. 
  • When trying to export the Online Giving Report into Microsoft® Excel© and the memo field contained the dollar sign ($), a table error displayed and the export stopped.
  • If an event's recurrence spanned multiple days, the weblink for the event displayed the dates incorrectly.
  • When marking attendance for classes, a change request was created. If an administrator opened the change request before applying attendance markings, the markings did not display on the Change Request.
  • After copying an event in Event Registration and changing the image, the updated image did not display when members view the public link for the event.
  • When setting up Special groups, the error "Syntax Error: Missing operand after '=' operator' displayed and cleared all selected options.