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April showers bring May flowers, and also a bevy of enhancements and corrections to Access ACS. We hope you enjoy the first release of 2011, and know that this just the beginning of better things to come. Thank you for your continued support.

Look below for the major highlights of this release, then click one of the tabs below to view Enhancements or Corrections.

ACS Technologies is pleased to announce the April 2011 release of Access ACS! This release contains enhancements and corrections to improve Access ACS functionality.



Along with all the enhancements and corrections this release, an update to the Contributions portion of the program was made. What does this mean for you? Well, after the release, no data will display the first time you view your Giving History and Pledge History pages. You must perform an upload from ACS People to replenish the data.

 We have spent quite some time in this release reworking the Event Registration Setup process. We have updated the look and feel of these pages. We think these updates will help streamline the event registration setup process.

 With the April 2011 release you can now add recurring events to your calendar. This new process lets you select to have an event recur at different intervals
depending on your organization's needs and the type of event. Examples of events that may need to be recurring are:

  • Weekly bible study or choir practice
  • Monthly session or committee meeting
  • Yearly autumnal festival planning meeting



 Have a group that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but the men meet every other Wednesday and the women every other Monday? Finding it a little hard to set this kind of schedule up with the current recurrence options? With the April 2011 release you can now set up what we call exclusions to any event. When you set up an event or edit an event, you now have the option to manually select or remove dates independent to the current schedule.
For example, the Adult Bible Study meets on Wednesday nights, but the men want to meet on Tuesdays and the women on Thursday for further discussions. Now when you set up the Adult Bible Study you can click Preview and make exceptions for recurring dates on the Event Registration Setup page and select the specific dates you need.




 The character limit for Event Names has been increased from 30 to 50. Now you can finally create the "Thursday Night Book Club for People Who Like the Color Blue!" event you have always wanted.

Event Registration 

 The total number of characters allowed for an event name has been increased to 50.


 We have added the ability to change how many records display on the User Security page. You now have the option to display 100, 500, or All of the records you have.



 With this release we have added the ability to change both the username and password for a user on the Add/Edit User page.

Small Groups 

 When a user sends a group e-mail from the Small Group Roster page, a copy of the e-mail is automatically sent to the sender also.


The following program corrections were made to Access ACS in April 2011:

Article Number



Changes Are Not Applied To ACSW When Updating An Element In An Individual's Record


When Viewing Groups, the Wrong E-mail Address Displays for an Individual


Error 'Object Cannot be Cast from BDNull to Other Types' Displays When Editing a New Individual


Contributions not Uploading to AccessACS


Picture Directory Images Display in Different Sizes and Overlap Existing Text


Include Incomplete Connections Option Not Functioning


Warning Message Displays when Attempting to Delete Phone Numbers that are not Preferred


The View Individual Tab Defaults to the Locate Individual Page


Event Names with Special Characters Not Saving


Option to Print Labels for Organizations without E-mail Addresses Not Displaying When Sending a Group E-mail


Fields From Other Events Display When Switching Between Events on the Same Calendar}


E-mail Reminders Are Sent Out for 5th Sunday Services Event If There Is No 5th Sunday


Cannot Use Dashes in Event Names if Linked to Facility Scheduler


Error Displays When Editing a Custom Question in Event Registration Setup


Supplies Sold Are Not Reset When Copying an Event In Access ACS