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The February 2018 Access ACS update includes the ability to search public calendars and corrects several client issues. 

Search Public Calendars

You can now search public calendars for events that match your interests. You must enter at least three characters in the field to search.

Events matching your search display, starting with the current date, followed by the next 24 months. Only events based on the calendars available for this view will display. For example, if the public calendar displays mission events, the search only displays mission events that match your criteria.  Likewise, if you filter your calendar to display only children's events, then search for an event, only children's events display. 

To clear your search and return to the list of events, click Today.

  • Adding public calendar events to personal calendars did not work when using Microsoft® Internet Explorer.
  • When clicking Add to Calendar to add a public calendar event to a personal calendar, the event did not respect the local time zone.

These corrections apply only to ACS Facility Scheduler clients:

  • The Public Calendar only displayed confirmed events. It now displays approved, confirmed, and canceled events. 
  • Events ending at 11:59 PM, regardless of start time, displayed as All Day.