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In the November 2016 Access ACS maintenance release, we fixed the following issues: 

  • When exporting the Bank Deposit Report, if any transactions contained split funds, all columns after Fund Detail were out of line. 
  • When trying to edit an event in Access ACS, "Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.EventTypeValue'" displayed for some clients. No errors displayed when editing and saving the event in ACS Facility Scheduler. 
  • For some clients, when exporting the Online Giving Report for a Fund Code, every gift had a Fund Code of 0.
  • When generating the Event Registration Export and including the name and custom questions, the custom question answers were out of line in the .CSV file.
  • When looking for Serving results in  Reports > individual Reports and exporting to a .CSV file, every field exported except those included on all other reports that use your search criteria.