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ChurchCast is an add-on service for voice, e-mail, and text messages. 

Integrating ACS with ChurchCast streamlines the member data transfer process. Churches can designate whose information to transfer to ChurchCast from ACS. Churches can also select which information displays in ChurchCast and which groups display. After integration, the data is maintained on a daily basis.

To integrate with ChurchCast, your church must sign up for Access ACS.

If you prefer to use Church Cast without integration through the Access ACS APIs, download and complete the Data Template to use ChurchCast for texting and emailing.

Requesting API Access and Security IDs

First, read the information about Getting Started to request access to the Access ACS APIs.

Once you receive access to the APIs, ACS will send your church a SecID, which allows ChurchCast to access information from ACS. You'll send your church's Site ID and SecID to ChurchCast.

Completing the Integration

When the integration is complete, you can use ChurchCast's interface to select which member statuses, groups and types of contacts display.