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  • Outdated Browsers May Lead to Service Interruptions Effective Dec 29th

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December 8, 2014

Effective December 29, 2014, due to recent security exploits, computers not using the latest browsers will no longer be able to access our servers until these browsers are upgraded to current versions. In some cases, this will require you to upgrade your Windows operating system because Windows XP cannot support browsers using the latest security patches. 

If you use one of our hosted solutions, this message is for you. Windows XP computers or other operating systems running outdated browsers now face a variety of security threats. ACS Technologies takes the security of your data seriously, and we are preparing to protect our servers from the latest security vulnerability, known as the POODLE attack. To allow you and your staff time to address the same security concerns on your computers, please take this opportunity to determine if you are affected, and update at least one computer in your office so that you will not experience a disruption in service. In addition, if your church uses online giving, please plan to notify members that computers using Internet Explorer 8 and below, or other outdated browsers, will not be able to access online giving after December 29, 2014, until their browser is updated.  View sample communication messages and downloadable files.

Take action

  • If you are still using Windows XP, upgrade your version of Windows and upgrade all of your browsers to the latest version. What's my operating system? 
  • If you are using Windows 7 or higher, upgrade  all  of your browsers to the latest version. What's my browser?
  • Are automatic updates to your browsers turned off? If so, turn them on (recommended) or manually download the latest updates for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer.

We are here to help

Four years ago, Microsoft announced the end of life for Windows XP. In February 2014, we began notifying customers via multiple channels to take action. (See The End of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8.) As ACS Technologies learns of new vulnerabilities, we take steps as quickly as possible to secure our customers' data as well as our internal systems. As our corporation is affected, we strive to give as much notice as possible to customers, but unfortunately, new security vulnerabilities often leave very small windows to make changes or to notify customers. 

Between now and December 29th, we will closely monitor activity on our servers. As always, our staff is happy to assist you or clarify the information shared in this message. To contact Support call 800-669-2509 or email us.

Send Notice to Church Goers, Donors, or Parents

Is Your Browser Hurting You? This includes Windows XP. 

The End of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 Support

Hosted Solutions Affected

This list is subject to change.                                                                 (alphabetical order)

Access ACS
  • Change Requests
  • Church Life
  • Import Gifts
  • Online Giving
  • Online Payments
  • ServiceU transactions
  • Upload Records
  • Vanco Payment Solutions transactions
  • ACS Payroll ESS
  • Background Check
  • CASS It!
  • Constant Contact
  • Contribution Statements
  • DataShare
  • Mass Email
  • NCOA Processing
  • SecureSearch Background Checks
  • Synchronization with The City
  • Vanco Payment Solutions Import
  • Broadcast and Broadcast 2.0
  • Extend
  • ACS Facility Scheduler
  • LiveStor


  • ACS Technologies Store
  • Client Portal (Account information, client downloads, email support, documentation, training, etc.)
  • Constant Contact
  • HeadMaster Mobile
  • HeadMaster Online
  • Online Payments (Vanco Payment Solutions and Sage)
  • Mass email
  • SecureSearch Background Checks
  • CASS It!
  • Constant Contact
  • DioOffice
  • DioView
  • NCOA Processing
  • Online registration forms
  • PDS Connects
  • PDS Mobile
  • SecureSearch Background Checks
  • Vanco Payment Solutions transactions
Web Solutions
  • Realm
  • The City