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August 28th, 2015

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Windows 10? Bring It On!

ACS Technologies software products have been tested on Microsoft ® Windows 10. We are committed to supporting our products on the Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 has been officially released and some of are you asking if your ACS, HeadMaster, and PDS products will run on Windows 10. 

Yes! We've completed testing our products and they are ready. 

To reduce the impact on your office, we suggest a controlled roll-out. As always, let us know if you see something different than our results. Keep in mind that you may need to update drivers for items such as printers, cameras, scanners, and other items connected to your computer.  


Q. Can I upgrade all of my computers to Windows 10?

A. Yes, you can but it might not be wise. We suggest a controlled roll-out. In other words, instead of upgrading all 22 office machines at once, upgrade or purchase one or two at a time. Test all of your software and hardware in your environment. If all goes well, add a few more. The free upgrade to Windows 10 is available for one year, so you should complete your move by July 29, 2016. 

Q. Can I use the Microsoft Edge browser?

A. Microsoft added a new browser, called Microsoft Edge. In many of our tests, it performed remarkably well, but it is a little like a teenager right now... there are mixed results. Microsoft Edge is continuing to be developed and will release upgrades over the next few months that bring this browser up to speed. So, go ahead and play around with Microsoft Edge, but for the time being, we recommend Internet Explorer for the management of Access ACS Change Requests and Uploads. 

Q. How do I make Internet Explorer my default browser? 

A. We thought this might be your next question. Just visit this Microsoft® website for instructions

Q. What 10 things do I need to know before I upgrade to Windows 10? 

A. We are so glad you asked! Please read this blog by Erin, one of our awesome technical writers. Feel free to leave her a comment. 

Q. What if I find something that doesn't work as expected after I upgrade? 

A. If you find something that doesn't work as expected, contact Support at 1-800-669-2509 or click here to send us an email. Please have your site number ready and provide as many details as possible. There are challenges for any software company whenever Microsoft releases a new operating system, but we have a proven track record for overcoming these challenges.

Q. When did ACS Technologies begin testing Windows 10? 

A. Because so many of you rely on our solutions running on the latest Windows operating system, we began testing on a pre-release version of Windows 10 in July. When the full version was released on July 29th, we started our tests over and added a few new ones. With all of that testing going on, we've already made many adjustments to keep the software running smoothly for customers. Still, we rely in part on you sharing your experience in the real world. So, let us know what you find, and we'll get to work addressing those issues.