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  • Incorrect E-mail Addresses in Access ACS User Merge

If you’ve recently received a confusing e-mail from Access ACS, don’t be alarmed.

Your Access ACS Administrator was merging member accounts, and our automated e-mail incorrectly inserted their e-mail address rather than your e-mail address.

We want to assure you that your account security was not compromised, and Access ACS Administrators do not have access to log into your account. 

We sincerely apologize

We escalated this issue to the programming department, and it was corrected in our August 2017 Access ACS Release. View the Release Notes.

What should I do?

Although the e-mail you received displays an incorrect address, no changes have been made to your login for Access ACS. You can continue to use the same username, e-mail address, and password you were using before this confusing e-mail arrived in your inbox.

If you feel more comfortable changing your login, you can do that too.

Your security is our highest priority

We value the privilege to serve your church. Thank you for your continuing partnership with us.