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  • End of Support for PDS School Office

ACS Technologies is saying goodbye to PDS School Office. On August 31st, technical support for School Office will be limited to helping you switch to another solution.

  • If you have PDS School Office on your desktop, you'll be able to use it as long as you want. However, we are no longer providing support or updates.
  • If you have PDS School Office OnDemand, the product icon won't be an option after August 31st. You must switch to another solution before that time.

What are my options?

We recommend switching to HeadMaster® to manage all of your school functions. To learn more, visit the HeadMaster product page.

If you want to stay with PDS, you may be able to manage tuition and billing by using PDS Church or Formation Office. Although you won't have school-specific processes, you can still manage families, members, sacraments, and tuition/fees.

If you're not sure what to do next, just call us at 1-877-737-4457. We're here to serve.