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If a problem occurs while a child is away from his or her parent or guardian, it is important to establish a way of communicating that information with the primary caregiver. Many congregations provide pagers to attendees when they drop off their children. At the end of the event or class, the parent returns the pager to the congregation. See Pagers for more information on implementing pagers as part of your check-in system.

If you use pagers as part of your check-in system, this might require your check-in stations to be manned by staff or volunteers who can assign numbers and pagers. If you would rather provide self check-in stations, consider asking your attendees to enter their cell phone numbers as their pager numbers so that staff members and volunteers can get in touch with parents if necessary.

You can assign and store family pager numbers in Checkpoint. When assigning pager numbers, keep in mind:

  • You can set Checkpoint to require pager numbers.
  • Pager numbers are assigned by family, not individual.
  • Checkpoint can assign pager numbers to families automatically, or your staff can enter custom numbers manually.
  • Pager numbers are stored in people's profiles. Thus, Checkpoint users can look up a family's assigned number when necessary.
  • Pager numbers are saved until an authorized Checkpoint user clears the numbers from the database.
  • You can quickly return and reuse pager numbers.
  • You can locate missing pager devices by viewing a report of all current pager assignments.