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The Checkpoint module has security badge, bar code label, pager assignment, and sessions statistics reports that you can print, preview, and export.

Checkpoint reports contain information about your sessions and the individuals that have been checked in or out of them, and some of these reports interface with other modules in the People Suite. The following report types are available in Checkpoint:

  • Labels — Label reports include bar code labels and security badges. Print bar code labels to attach to them ID cards or key fobs and use them for locating individual's records as check-in time. Print security badges as a report to print them in bulk ahead of time for an event.
  • List — Print a customized list of people's Checkpoint information, including bar codes, pager numbers, and special notes.
  • Statistics — Print session statistics to analyze people's attendance of classes and activities. You can view people's attendance for all sessions or for specific sessions.

You have many options available in printing reports. We recommend that you experiment with each report and examine the options available for each one.