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The ACS People Suite empowers organizations by tracking, analyzing, and reporting on complex people-related information. The People Suite consists of eight modules that seamlessly interact to save you time and complete your daily tasks by storing information such as addresses, skills, involvement, family details, communications history, and giving records.

The ACS Getting Started Guide is your first stop for customizing ACS People Suite to meet your church or organization's needs. In the guide, you can learn about system requirements, setting up user accounts, working with datasets and utilities, and much more.

In the Users and Security area, you can read about setting up ACS user accounts, setting up security templates, granting permissions to various areas of ACS People Suite, deleting and deactivating ACS user accounts, and resetting user logins.

To learn about what's new in ACS People Suite, view the latest ACS Release Notes . You can also view Printable Help.

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The Modules of ACS People Suite

People is the cornerstone of the ACS People Suite. Use the People module to manage the personal data for the people involved in your organization.

Contributions offers a versatile, secure solution for tracking your funds. ACS Contributions manages and maintains all of your contribution information.

Organizations provides a way to coordinate your organizational offices. It provides more than 200 customizable fields to better meet your organization's unique needs.

Checkpoint is an intelligent, customizable, check-in program designed to be an integral part of your security plan. With Checkpoint, you can use customized badges to quickly and easily check individuals in as well as streamline and simplify attendance.

Attendance is an excellent tool for tracking and reporting attendance for classes, services, and activities. Use it to create class rolls, absentee reports, marking sheets, grids, and enrollment forms.

Reservations manages events data. Use it to coordinate the sign-up process, store details for an activity, track people interested in participating, and keep up with fees.

Connections organizes your outreach so you can be more proactive and responsive. Use it to track, plan, and record all incoming and outgoing visits and contacts, as well as maintain prospect and caller information.

Special Mailings provides a way to contact people who aren't members or prospects of your organization, such as area pastors, other organizations, and media contacts. Use it to create, organize, and manage group lists of these contacts.


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