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If you have recently purchased ACS and have not yet entered any data, use Olan Mills Import to import photos from your Olan Mills Photo files into ACS and create new family records simultaneously. This is an excellent time for new ACS users to quickly enter records, including people and their photographs, directly into ACS People Suite.

This is primarily useful if you have just purchased ACS and already have an Olan Mills photo session planned. You can coordinate the initial entering of data into ACS with receiving the new photos from Olan Mills.

As a new user of ACS, you do not have to prepare anything in ACS before the Olan Mills photo session takes place. After the photo session has taken place, you will receive an email from Olan Mills that includes your Olan Mills ID and an online link to your photo data. After you receive this email, proceed with loading and importing the photos.

 To import photos
Before beginning the import process, make sure that:
  • You have received the completion email from Olan Mills.
  • You have your Olan Mills ID (provided to you by Olan Mills).
  • You have downloaded the Olan Mills photo file from their website. (The link and instructions for this are provided in the completion email from Olan Mills.)

Once you have these things, begin the importing process by loading the photo data.

To load the photo data

  1. On your computer, click Start > Programs > ACS Technologies > ACS Tools > Olan Mills Import.
  2. Log in to Olan Mills Import with your regular ACS username and password.
  3. Click the Import Options tab.
  4. Click browse .
  5. In the Browse for Folder window, navigate to the downloaded photo file.
  6. Select the photo file and click OK.
  7. Enter your Olan Mills ID.
  8. Select Automatic. (Selecting Automatic is recommended because this matches your family photographs with the roster information supplied by your ministry.)
  9. Click Load Data. The process may take several minutes.

Once the photo data has loaded, you must import the photo into your dataset.

To import photos

  1. If any photos display in the Match Data tab, manually match them with their corresponding ACS record. See Manually Matching Photos for more information.
  2. Click Import. A dialog box displays when the import is complete.
  3. Click OK.

The Olan Mills photos are now successfully imported into ACS People.

Additional Information

The following options and fields are available in Olan Mills Import.

Export Options

Include Deactivated
Selecting this option includes people that are marked as inactive in your dataset. Usually, inactive people do not participate in the photo session and are not included in the exported data.

Include DOB Year
Selecting this displays the birth year of individuals with their pictures. Usually, individuals do not want their birth year listed.

Include Unlisted Phones
Selecting this displays unlisted phone numbers with people's pictures. Usually, people do not want unlisted phone numbers to be published in a directory that a wide range of others have access to.

Include Primary E-mail Address
Selecting this displays people's primary e-mail addresses with their pictures. Usually, not all people want their e-mail address published in a directory that a wide range of people have access to.

Member Status
Selecting this displays the membership status of people with their pictures. This option is useful when creating a photo directory that includes both members, prospects, and community contacts.

Client Information

Olan Mills Contract Number
Olan Mills provides this number to you after confirming your photo session with them. Entering the correct Contract Number is required for exporting data correctly. If you have worked with Olan Mills before, please note that you have a different Contract Number for each photo session.

Church Contact E-mail
Enter the e-mail address of the primary contact person from your organization.

Search Results

Use Last Search Results
Selecting this exports only the data of records included in your latest search. This is useful if you want to hold a photo session for a specified group of people in your ministry. For example, if you want to hold a photo session for only the sport teams, you can perform a search for those teams in ACS People. Then, select this to export the selected sports teams' data.

Roster Information

Enter the title for this photo session. For example, "Complete Church Directory 2011" or "Church Sports Teams Spring 2011."

Church Contact
Enter the name of the primary contact person from your organization. (The person that Olan Mills should contact.)

Contact Phone Number
Enter the phone number of the primary contact person from your organization.