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The Attendance module helps you keep accurate records of who's coming and going in your organization. You can use it to discover which classes have high enough attendance rates to warrant a duplicate class, who has perfect Sunday School attendance, who may need a visit to remind them why they love being a part of your organization, and to track attendance for budgetary purposes.

In Enter/Post Attendance, you can enter and post a group's attendance, and in Inquiry, you can view an individual's attendance information. You can also view the markings for an individual's year, month, or weekly attendance, and view a summary of the Master Groups you have created. You can even print this information.

You can also add, edit, or delete individual records, or you can add and delete individuals from groups in View/Edit Groups. You can also add multiple records to a class, delete all records from a class, or transfer individuals from one class to another class. You can also perform a search and generate reports, labels, and graphs based on attendance information.

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