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In ACS People Suite, records are organized by family, even if there is just one person in the family. To add a new record for an individual who is not a member of an existing family, use the Add New Family option. When you start a new family, ACS checks the database and alerts you if there is already someone entered by that name if the Duplicate Checking Settings are turned on in People Setup. After adding one member of a family, you can add other members to the family.

The main areas for adding and editing records are the Find Person and View/Edit Individual windows.

In Find Person, you can view and locate families or family members. You can right-click on the grid to customize which fields display or how records display in the grid, or you can sort the list by family, last name, or first name. Some other tasks you can complete in this window include setting a filter, printing an individual profile, or generating a mail merge letter.

In the Find Person window, click View/Edit to access View/Edit Individual. In this window, you can view and edit an individual's personal information. You can also use the arrows to scroll between family members or families. To learn more about the information you can enter in View/Edit, see Viewing and Editing an Individual's Record.