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 Contribution Record Type Utility

 We've added a support utility to Support Programs in Utility Manager to update the Contribution Record Type to Individual from None if there are gifts or pledges attached to an individual's record. For example, in previous versions, if you merged a duplicate record that had gifts into a record that did not have gifts, the merged record still had a Contribution Record Type of None. You can now run this utility to correct these records.

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Issues Corrected

Client reported issues resolved in this release:
When trying to open The Ministry Scheduler Table Maintenance, an error displayed. Note: To get this correction, please call Support at 1-800-669-2509.
When exporting the Analysis of Revenues & Expenses Report to Excel® using the View Report Data option, the fields that should have been blank showed a zero dollar amount.
The General Ledger - Beginning Bank Balance window in Bank Reconciliation is cut off when the display settings are set to medium (125%).
In Enter/Post Attendance, when a user pressed a combination of keys, it activated the Clear button.
In Bank Reconciliation in General Ledger, a user was able to close out of the Reconcile Transactions window before the reconciliation was finished and the changes were not saved.
When double-clicking the Add button on the Add/Edit Invoices window, an error displayed.
In Fixed Assets, when trying to open an attachment that had over 50 characters in the file name, an error displayed.