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 Move Contribution Transactions into Another Batch

 If you enter or import transactions into the incorrect batch in contributions, you can move them into the correct open batch before posting.

Contributions - Add/Edit Transactions

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 First Time Givers Report in Contributions

 We've added the First Time Givers Report to the Contributions reports. This report displays a list of contributors who have made a first time gift for the selected date range, and includes the name, address, date, and amount of the gift.

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 Exceptions Added to Checkpoint Security IDs

 We've added exceptions to the Checkpoint Security IDs so that certain combinations of letters that may be offensive will not print on badges.

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Issues Corrected

Client reported issues resolved in this release:
When selecting to Include Closing Year Entries on the Analysis of Revenues and Expenses Report, the prior years were not calculating.
The position of the barcode was incorrect on the Plain Paper Statement when using Max It.
Advanced exports with 8,000 or more records were taking more than 15 minutes to run.
When merging individual records in People, an error displayed if the records had contact information.
When processing a payroll check through the Issue Checks option, if you changed the check date, an error displayed.
When voiding a contribution transaction and posting it to a previous contribution year, the void will post to the general ledger but it will not post to contributions, and an error will display.
A user created a filter in People Suite, and afterward deleted the item that the filter was based on without first clearing out that filter. When trying to access filters again, an error would display.
In Payroll, when reprinting a posted check, the YTD amount for other gross pay and total gross pay printed a different amount than the original check.
The Customized People Export displayed all of the export fields on the report instead of displaying only the selected fields.
Form 941 Schedule B had a revision date of 2009.
When using Contributions Quick Entry, if a check was scanned to the wrong individual's record, and the entry was changed to the correct individual, the check image did not appear on the individual's record once posted.
If a user edited an employee's pay amounts through Preview/Issue Checks, when the Payroll Journal was reprinted, the net pay displayed as a higher amount than the gross pay for the edited checks.
On the Reservations Statement Report, the payment descriptions were word wrapping for all events.
The ages were not displaying on the Present Count by Age report.
When posting Checkpoint markings from multiple imports of off-site data, an error message displayed.
On the Statement on Account report in Accounts Receivable, the discount amount was not included in the 30, 60, or 90 Days Past Due columns.
In Express Check In/Out in Checkpoint, when a user added a new family and skipped adding the phone number, an error displayed.
When restoring backups in ACS OnDemand, some files were not being restored.