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This utility compares Awpeindv and Aworname to Awgrindv. It corrects the Family_Number and Individual_Number and adds records if they aren't present.

The program does not delete individuals who have a contribution record from the current or previous year or if the indivdiual has a combined record. If the program deletes the head of the family, the client must manually create another head for that family.

First, perform a People Backup, then run the FIXGRINDV.exe utility. 

 To run the FIXGRINDV.exe utility
  1. On the Windows taskbar, click Start > ProgramsACS Technologies > ACS Tools Utility Manager.
  2. Click Support Programs, then enter the daily password.
  3. In the utility list, double-click FIXGRINDV.exe.
  4. Click Run Utility.
  5. Click Continue. When finished, the message Synchronization Verification Complete displays.
  6. Click OK, then Close.