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Download ACS 11.3 People Suite Release Notes.

People Suite Enhancements

Sorry, Our Apologies

The following items were included in this release but were left out when the release notes were originally published:

 Compatible with Windows 7 Medium Display Setting

 All areas of ACS Desktop are now compatible with the Windows 7 medium display setting (125%), so you don't have to switch to a smaller Windows 7 display size to view everything correctly. The windows are now easier to read, reducing eye strain. 


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 Updated People Directory Report

 We've rewritten the People Directory Report so it's easier to use. Here are some new features:

  • You can now customize how addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, birthdays, and children's names display. For example, you can print preferred phone numbers or preferred e-mail addresses. You can also select the types of phones and e-mail addresses you want to display. Or, you can clear these options if you do not want the address, phone number, e-mail, children, or birthdays to display on the report. 
  • You can print selected member statuses on the report.
  • You can display lines between each family's information to make the report more visually appealing. You can print parents names on one line or print 'Family Residing at" before the address. In addition, you can sort and print the directory to print children in age order from oldest to youngest.
  • You can customize how the report prints. For example, you can print the title on every page, or you can clear the options to print the page number, date, or time. You can also page break on the first letter of the last name, and you can print a summary page at the end of the report.
  • You can customize page setup options such as the columns, orientation, and margins, and you can select the font on the Report Options tab without previewing the report first.

Page Formatting Options

Columns, Orientation, and Margin Options

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 Printing Contributions Reports by Campus Location and Campus Fund

 If you use multi-campus contributions, you can now print contributions reports by campus location in addition to campus fund. When you post batches by campus and have gifts posted to global funds not assigned to a campus, you can print the report by campus batch to include gifts posted to these funds.

You can print the following reports by campus location and fund: Giving Statistics Graph, Gift Detail Listing, Monthly Posting Register, Multi-Year Giving Report, Void Report, Breakdown Analysis, Giving Range, Summary Gift Totals, and PS Mailer Summary Statement.

Printing the Gift Detail Listing by Batch

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 Exporting Checkpoint Session Statistics

 In Checkpoint Session Inquiry, you can now export Checkpoint Session Statistics to Microsoft® Excel. You could use this to track volunteer hours based on check in/check out times.

Exporting Statistics Details

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 Viewing and Verifying Check Images After Scanning

 After scanning Contributions checks with the MICR Image Scanner, you can now display a check's image to verify that the image saved properly and if not, rescan the check. To do this, select Display check image after scan when configuring the MICR Image Scanner. When a check displays after scanning, click Save to save the check or cancel and rescan.

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 New Features for the People and Address Changes Logs

We've added a few new features to the People Changes Log and Address Changes Log, which track changes to individual records or addresses.

In the Address Changes Log, you can now view archived addresses. If you change an address, it displays in the change log, and you can print information regarding the change using the Listing of Address Changes report. When you clear the Address Changes Log, archived addresses do not clear, and you can print the log to display address changes, rather than printing the Listing of Address Changes report.

This enhancement means you no longer have to use address comments or user-defined fields like "Former Address" or "Old Address" to store previous addresses in case a contributor uses a check with the prior address or you need the prior address for another reason. 

In addition, both logs now display changes in a grid view, which you can sort, filter, or print. To track changes to an individual's profile information, you must activate the People Changes Log in Setup (the Address Changes Log is automatically active).  

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 Viewing an individual's profile changes

 You can now view an individual's profile and address changes in View/Edit Individual. On the Profile tab, you can view changes to the individual's record, and on the Addresses tab, you can view the individual's Address Changes Log, which also displays an archive of past addresses.

To view the logs, click View Change Log  on those tabs.

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  Opening an individual's record from Other Relationships

 You can now open an individual's record from the Other Relationships area under the Family tab in the view/edit individual window.

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Issues Corrected in ACS People Suite

Client reported issues resolved in this release:

The Flag People option limited selection to five member statuses.

In the People Directory Report, if an individual had a suffix, an extra space printed before the comma after the first name.

In the People Directory Report, individuals displayed in the wrong families.

The People Directory Report did not prompt you to save the report when you changed the Print Line After Each Family option.

When generating the People Directory Report on last search results, family information was duplicated.

An access violation displayed when trying to delete a ZIP code from a foreign country.

When printing the Plain Paper Statement and a member has a gift for $111.00, the last zero in the column was cut off.

When changing the primary address and preferred phone number in People, an error displayed.

Locations did not display when a class had more than one in a one-level group, so people could check into closed classes.

On combined sessions badges, the parent badge sorted sessions in numeric order while the child badge sorted them in alphabetical then numeric order.

One-time visitors did not receive two, combined child security badges even when the options were selected.

When searching using the Date of Birth Age criteria, the range search type returned zero results for certain numeric values.

Flex Statement bar codes were changed to reflect the USPS guidelines of 62 characters.

After performing a People Import, the preferred phone number was removed.

When changing the ACS Backup destination directory, the version number did not display in the new directory.

The Plain Paper Statement generated without selecting an e-mail type or the preferred e-mail check box.

When viewing the Deposit Ticket Listing report by batch number and choosing by Reference or Post Date, the program was slow.

When searching using the Date of Birth and Age criteria, the range search type returned no results.

Attendance department or class information did not print on the People Directory Report.

When previewing the People Directory Report, additional fields that contain the # symbol did not display.

When previewing the People Directory Report, not every individual displayed on the report.

When previewing the People Directory Report based on search results, a family was duplicated.

Some individuals displayed in the wrong families on the People Directory Report.

When previewing the People Directory Report, if an individual's name had a suffix and you selected to print the last name first, an extra space printed.

The Intelligent Mail barcodes on Flex Statements were not long enough.

An error displayed when loading search results.

Attendance barcodes for classes did not scan when exported into Microsoft© Word or Excel.

Advanced export duplicated organization addresses and phone numbers when exporting to Outlook.

The Date Last Changed field in activity groups updated, but the individual was not dropped.
Advanced Export and Report Designer did not pull the reference name when exporting.
Years were not correct in the Attendance Totals Graph by Month
The Date Last Contributed was incorrect if other family members gave gifts.
The Name column in Search Results only displayed 50 characters.
When entering contributions in Quick Entry, some entries were made for records without a name.
When changing the family unit to start a new family, an error displayed.
The default comment that displays on reports did not wrap correctly.
Phone types did not display on the People Profile Report
The State and ZIP Code wrapped to the next line when the city name was 25 characters or more.
The Use Posting Date option in Contributions used the current date instead of the selected posting date.
The following note was removed from the save search criteria window: To enable the Save button, change the Title .