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Filters are used to create a subset of your database to work with. You can access filters in the Find Person window, and you can also use them in Reports. For example, if you want a list for a teen activity, you can create a filter to show only the children ages 13-17. You can use this Filter as you work with People records, so your Find Person window displays only those names. You can also use this Filter when you print Reports.

You can also save a filter and use it again without having to recreate the specifications each time. For example, you may have a Saved Filter called Birthday List - October. Each time you load the filter and apply it, you can view a list of people with October birthdays. By checking the box to "Include with report" when the filter is set up, you can print a quick list of the names and birthdays for those matching individuals.

Filters vs. Searches

Although similar, the key differences between Filters and Searches are:

  • Filters are limited to People data and Sunday School Attendance enrollment. In Searches, you may combine data from all ACS People Suite modules.
  • Filter criteria are combined as "and" statements. Searches may be "or" statements. For example, to find everyone who lives on Elm Street or Ash Street, you need two filters. However, you could combine these in one search.