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Using the Inquiry option in Accounts Receivable, you can view and print a listing a customer or family's invoices (paid and unpaid) and payments (applied and unapplied). This is helpful if a customer calls to inquire about his or her outstanding balance or if a payment is received or cleared.

In addition, you can view information such as the customer's amount billed, amount received, and amount due, and you can also view the amount of tax deductible payments the customer has made. If the customer would like a hard copy of his or her account information, you can print information from the customer's inquiry.

Check Images

For security purposes, the MICR line does not display when viewing check images in Inquiry.

 To View a Customer's Invoices, Payments, and Totals
  1. Under Run Inquiries, click the Inquiry Type tab.
  2. Select Customer Inquiry from the drop-down list and click Go .
  3. Under Lookup, select Customer to inquire on a customer's record or select Family to inquire about a family's record.
  4. In the Customer field, enter the customer's name or click Lookup to select the customer or family whose record you want to view. Click OK.
  5. To filter a customer's account details for a specific time period, select MTD, YTD, All, or Date Range and click Apply.
  6. Select Comments to view the customer's comments. If selected, the Comments tab displays the customer's comments.
  7. If your organization tracks families, select Family Comments to view comments on the family record. If selected, the Family Comments tab displays any comments on the family's record.
  8. On the Transactions tab, the customer's invoices and payments display.
    • To display all payments, including unposted payments, select Include Open.
    • To display all transactions, including those that have been voided, select Include Voided.
  9. On the Totals tab, the customer's account totals, tax reporting totals, and fee summary totals display. The account totals include the amounts billed, received, and due for that customer, and the tax reporting total includes the tax deductible amount of the customer's payments. The fee summary totals include information on each fee with transactions for the date range selected.
  10. To view another family member's record, select the appropriate family member in the View Inquiry for drop-down list.
  11. To print the customer or family's inquiry, click Print. To print information from all of the tabs (Transactions, Totals, Comments, and Family Comments), select Print All Tabs and click Print. Otherwise, only the active tab displayed in the inquiry window prints.
Additional Field Information

Lookup Customer
Select to choose the customer whose inquiry you want to view from Add/Edit Customers.

Lookup Family
Select to choose the family whose inquiry you want to view from Add/Edit Customers.

Select to display the Comments tab, which shows all comments on a customer's record.

Family Comments
Select to display the Family Comments tab, which shows all comments on a family's record.

Date Range
Selecting Date Range and then selecting the appropriate dates in the drop-down lists lets you view all invoices and payments within the selected date range.

Include Open
Select to display open transactions in the grid.

Include Voided
Select to display voided transactions in the grid.

Print All Tabs
Selecting this option and clicking Print lets you view and print the information from all tabs on a customer's inquiry.