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As the online world grows, so does the number of online contributions to your church.

ACS has an import feature that speeds up the process.

Here's how...

 Connect ACS to a Vanco Merchant Account

You need security rights to connect ACS to a Vanco merchant account. The security rights are tied to your ACS software login. This helps you control what staff members have access to your church's contributor information.

 To connect your Vanco merchant account with Vanco Import
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Contributions tab.
  2. Select Enter/Post Contributions from the drop-down list and click Go . The Enter/Post Transactions window displays.
  3. In the Setup Vanco Accounts window, click Add.
  4. Enter the account information.

    • Web API User Name and Password – For accessing the Web API service that imports information from Vanco. Vanco assigned it to you when they approved your application. NOTE: It's different than your user name and password for the Vanco website,

    • Active – Selected by default and indicates that the account is active.

    • Account Description – Enter a descriptive name for the account. This can help you distinguish among multiple Vanco merchant accounts.

    • Client ID – Enter the account number that Vanco assigned to you when they approved your application.

    • Last Imported On – This date should be prior to the date of the first contribution to be imported. This date cannot be changed after you begin importing transactions from a Vanco account.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Test Connection. A message displays if the connection is successful.
 To edit your Vanco merchant account's settings
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Contributions tab.
  2. Select Enter/Post Contributions from the drop-down list and click Go .
  3. Click Import Transactions.
  4. Click Vanco Import.
  5. Click Setup Accounts.
  6. Select the account, and click Edit.
  7. Edit the account information, and click OK.

 Import Online Contributions

To import online contributions

  1. Under Manage Records, click the Contributions tab.
  2. Select Enter/Post Contributions from the drop-down list and click Go .
  3. Click Import Transactions. The Import Contributions window displays.
  4. Click Vanco Import. The Vanco Gift Import window displays.
  5. Before importing the transactions, you can filter the grids either by batch number or gift date. Click on one of the column headings to set the filter. Using the filter helps match imported batches to Vanco deposits. This is important for reconciling if Contributions are linked to your General Ledger.  
  6. To import the transactions, click Import
  7. After the transactions import, click Close. The batch totals reflect the imported transactions.

    Online transactions processed by Vanco will import with the transaction type of "regular gift" and are considered entered – not posted.

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