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The Addresses tab displays the addresses stored with this record. On this tab, you can enter, edit, delete, or map the address and specify which addresses are active. You can also select the primary, mailing, and statement addresses.

You can enter as many addresses as needed for a family or an individual. Each address must have a unique address type and may be used as either a Family Address or an Individual Address, but not both. ACS comes with several address types already set up, such as Home, Business, College, Post Office Box, Vacation, and so forth. You can add or edit address descriptions as necessary in People Define Lists.

When you add a new family, the address that you enter is recorded as a Family Address with an Address Type of Home. Within the family record, the Home address field is required and always displays in the Family Address section, even though the address fields may be blank, or Home is not used as an Active Address.

Before Entering Addresses

If you use ACS Mail Modules to CASS certify addresses or create Max It! mailings, you may want to look at the USPS Addressing Recommendations and Entering Addresses Based on USPS Recommendations topics.

If entering Canadian provinces, you can enter the province abbreviation in the State field.

 To add an address
  1. Under Manage Records, click the People tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select View/Edit Individual and click Go .
  3. In the Find Person window, select the individual you want to add an address for and click View/Edit.
  4. Click the Addresses tab.
  5. Click Add in the Family Addresses or Individual Addresses section of the tab, depending on which type of address you want to add.
  6. Enter all necessary information, then click OK.



Additional Field Information

Family Addresses
The Family Addresses section displays all addresses shared by the members of the family. Even if a household is just one person, enter general addresses as a family address so they can be shared with others should the need arise, without having to re-enter the data.

Individual Addresses
The Individual Addresses section displays addresses entered exclusively for this individual. Typically, addresses are entered as family addresses unless specifically limited to one individual. For example, a college student may have his school address stored as an individual address, or a husband and wife may each have a different business address.

Active Addresses
Because you can enter an unlimited number of addresses for an individual, you need to designate which ones to use. These are called Active Addresses and are displayed at the top of the Address Tab on an individual's record.

  • Primary — Select the address to use as the individual's primary address. The Primary Address is most often the street address for the family (home).
  • Mailing — Select the address to use as the individual's mailing address.
  • Statement — Select the address to send the individual's Contribution Statements to.

Address Change Log

Click to view the individual's address change log. If an unintended change is made to an individual's address, you can select the Revert Address option within the Address Change Log window to correct it.