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A backup is an exact copy of your data files that you can restore in the event of a disaster. Backing up your data files is one of the most important computer-related tasks you should perform each day.

From virus attacks to inclement weather, you can lose data in a virtually unlimited number of ways, but adopting the practice of creating and storing ACS backup files provides you and your organization with the means to safeguard and protect valuable data.

It's your responsibility to protect your data by creating and storing backups, just as it is your responsibility to make sure that you maintain virus protection. Depending upon the circumstances leading to loss of data, the loss may amount to one record or all records. How often you back up your data ultimately depends upon how much data you have and the value of this data to you and your organization.

In addition to your regularly scheduled backups, you should also back up your data before special events like Year-End Closing or Attendance Promotion. In case of a mistake or a computer failure during the procedure, you can quickly restore your data and perform the procedures again, saving valuable time.