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You can search for contributors who have not given during a year or selected time period.

 To search for contributors with no gifts
  1. Under Searches and Reports, click Searches
  2. On the Search Information tab, in the Title field, enter a title for your search, such as Contributors with no gifts. Then, select the following search information:
    • Under Search On, select All Records
    • Under Include Records That, select Meet Criteria for all Field Areas (And)
    • Under Search Output Flag, select Matching Individuals
  3. Click on the Search Criteria tab.
  4. Expand Individual, then Lists. Then, select the following search criteria. 
    • Double-click Member Status. Under Search Values, select the member statuses you want to include. You should select the one that indicates members. When finished, click OK
    • Double-click Family Position, then select Child, and select Not Equal to for Search Type. When finished, click OK
  5. Double-click Gifts
  6. Under Search Type, select Has no Gifts, and under Period, select the current year or date range you want to search on.
  7. Click OK, then Process.
  8. When the number of records found displays, click OK. Then, click the Results tab to see the search results.