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The ACS Backup/Restore Scheduling program automatically backs up your ACS data based upon a schedule that you set. All users should log out of any ACS applications when using the scheduled backup to create backup files.

ACS OnDemand

If you use ACS OnDemand, your backups are automatically made each night and stored on the OnDemand server, so you do not need to schedule backups.

Just like the manual ACS Backup program, you can specify the data from the ACS Suite or program that you want to back up. Then, you choose the date and time to perform the backup job. When restoring a backup created from a scheduled job, you can select the dataset that you want to restore from the backup file.

The first step in scheduling backups is in installing the ACS Backup Service, so you'll need to do that if you haven't already. If you have, you'll need to Configure the Backup Schedule Service, and then you can Create a Backup Schedule.

As with manual backups, backup files created with the scheduling option in the ACS Backup/Restore program are typically stored on your hard drive. We strongly recommend that you transfer these files to either removable media or to an off-site storage location. If you'd like to read more about removable media types and off-site storage, see Storing Data Backups.