2021 is coming to a close, so it's time for your books to do the same!

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The Time Sheet Journal report displays a detailed account of each unposted time sheet that you entered. Use the journal to verify your time sheet entries. Your financial advisor or CPA may recommend that you print and file the time sheet journal as an audit trail.

Employee records display on the journal in the order based on the Order By selection in the Enter Time Sheets window. You can select a different order using the Load All option in the Enter Time Sheets window.

 To print the Time Sheet Journal report
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Payroll Checks and click Go .
  3. Click Enter Time Sheets.
  4. Enter employees in the time sheet. For more information on entering employees in the time sheet, see Entering Payroll Time Sheets.
  5. When all employees are entered, click Print Time.
  6. Click Preview or Print.

After printing this report and verifying the entries, you can process and print the Payroll Journal.