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After processing the Payroll Journal and previewing and issuing checks (if applicable), it's time to print the payroll checks and direct deposit stubs (if applicable).

You also have the option of printing a one-time check for your ACH employees who normally receive payment through direct deposit, which is useful for holiday or other bonuses. You can also select to mask the Social Security Number.

If you print checks and direct deposit stubs in the same check run, checks print before direct deposit stubs. ACS prompts you to place checks in the printer first. Once all checks print, a second prompt instructs you to place stock paper in the printer to print the direct deposit check stubs.

 To print payroll checks
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Payroll Checks and click Go .
  3. Click Print Payroll Checks.
  4. Enter the First Check Number that you want to print. If you have printed checks for the selected bank account previously, the next number in the sequence displays.
  5. If you use direct deposit, enter the First Direct Deposit Reference Number that you want to print. If you have generated direct deposit stubs previously, the next number in the sequence displays.


    When entering a beginning direct deposit reference number, always leave a wide variance between reference numbers and check numbers so that you will be able to readily distinguish between the two when they are grouped on reports. For example, if the next check number in the sequence is 1250, let 1 be your beginning direct deposit reference number.

  6. To display the printer status box, select Show Printer Dialog.
  7. To print a one-time check for employees who are normally paid by direct deposit, select Print one time check for ACH Employees.
  8. To print only the last four digits of the Social Security Number, select Mask Social Security Number.
  9. To group checks by department, select Group by Department, then click Select Departments to choose the departments.
  10. Select Sort by Name to sort the checks by the employee's last name, or select Sort by Employee Number to sort the checks by the employee's numerical code.
  11. Optional: To view checks before printing, click Preview. If direct deposit participants are included in the current payroll batch, direct deposit and non-direct deposit information display separately. To print a sample check, click Sample.
  12. Click Print. Checks print first, then direct deposit check stubs.