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The CPT-711 portable barcode scanner is no longer available.

Can I use the same cable to hook up the Attendance scanner as I do for my Fixed Assets scanner?

No. You must use the provided keyboard wedge cable connected between the keyboard cable and the keyboard plug on the back of your computer or a USB adapter.

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Can I use the same scanner to scan attendance that I use to mark fixed assets?

We strongly recommend using two separate scanners. Only one program can run on the scanner at a time, so we recommend a second scanner for marking fixed assets.

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Can I use the scanner if I have not added individuals and classes into ACS?

No. You must set up your classes in Attendance Setup and print the barcode sheets.

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When I try to import the information from the scanner into Attendance, the scanner says "connecting," but it never imports the file.

Verify the scanner is positioned correctly in the cradle. Then, on the scanner menu, select Import Bar Code Scanner Option 2. The data then imports to Enter/Post Attendance.

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After I import data from the scanner, is the import finished?

No. You must select Post to make the markings permanent.

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After importing data, do I have to delete the data when prompted?

No, you can choose to keep the data to verify the information. 

 To delete the information at a later time
  1. On the scanner, select Utilities
  2. Select Delete Data.
  3. Select All Data.


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