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Using Inquiry by Individual, you can quickly view a contributor's gift and pledge information. After selecting an individual or organization, you can view:

  • A detailed list of the selected year's gifts, weekly, monthly, and quarterly contribution totals.
  • The amount, frequency, and term of any pledges.
  • The contributor's progress toward fulfilling a pledge for a selected date range.
  • The pledge information for a selected gift (if the gift is associated with a pledge).
  • A list of gifts applied to a pledge.

You can print this inquiry information, locate individuals by check number, and filter the contribution totals and pledge information by fund. Prepayment dates and amounts display under the intended year. For example, if you enter a 2017 contribution in 2016, the contribution displays as a 2017 contribution.

In addition, you can display a prompt and icon to view a check image, if one is available. To do this, right-click inside the grid, then click Customize. In the Customize window, under Fields, select Image (Prompt) and/or Image (Icon), then click OK.

 To perform a contributor inquiry
  1. Under Run Inquiries, click the Inquiry Type tab.
  2. Select Contributor Inquiry from the drop-down list and click Go .
  3. Click Find Person or Find Org to select a contributor, then click OK. You can also select a contributor by entering in the contributor's Envelope #.
  4. Under Selections, in the Start Date and Stop Date drop-down lists, select the date range of contributions you want to view. Or, select a year in the Scroll by Year list.
  5. If you want to view the contributor's transactions for a certain Fund, click Lookup to select the fund, then click OK.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. OPTIONAL: To include transactions that have not been posted, select Include Open. To include voided transactions, select Include Voided.
  8. To view gift details, summaries, and pledge information, click on the Gifts, Gift Totals, and Pledges tabs.
    • The Gifts tab displays contribution detail for the selected date range. The Summary Totals at the bottom are based on the selected date range. For gifts associated with a pledge, click View Pledge to view and edit the pledge's details.

    • You can right-click in the grid and customize it by adding other fields to the grid. For example, if you want to display contributions for memorials in the grid, select the Memorial / In Honor field when you customize the grid.

    • The Gift Totals tab displays Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly totals.
    • The Pledges tab displays information about the pledge and the contributor's progress towards fulfillment of the pledge. You can also view a pledge's details and gifts applied to it on the Pledges tab.
Additional Field Information

Find Person and Find Org
Click to select the individual or organization whose contributions you want to view.

To look up an individual or organization's contributions by envelope number, enter the envelope number in this field.

Name Information
This section displays the individual or organization's name, primary address and phone, contribution record type (Combined, Individual or None), if the contributor is an active contributor, and if the contributor receives statements.

Start Date and Stop Date
Select the date range of contributions you want to view.

Scroll by Year
Select the year for which you want to view contributions. This updates the Start Date and Stop Date to 1/1 and 12/31 of that year.

To view the contributor's gifts or pledges for one specific fund, click Lookup to select a fund.

Include Open
Select to include gifts that are not posted in the inquiry.

Include Voided
Select to include voided gifts in the inquiry.

Exclude Forgiven Pledges
Select to exclude forgiven pledges from the inquiry.

View Pledge
Click if a gift is associated with a pledge. View and edit the pledge's details, if necessary.

View Gifts
View gifts applied to a pledge, or attach or remove gifts.