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The ACS People Suite offers several tools to help you accomplish your church or organization's goals. To learn more about a page, see the links below.


We write all current help, troubleshooting articles, and training documents for the Workbench menu. If you use the Classic menu, the first few steps for any ACS procedure are a little different. To learn more about the Workbench menu, see the topic Working with ACS Menus.

People Suite Tools

  • Using Background Checks, you can securely and confidentially perform background checks for volunteers. You can track background check information in the ACS People module.
  • With ACS Sync, you can upload records using Access ACS.
  • DataShare lets you share and synchronize data such as names, addresses, and other information between databases, improving your organization database's accuracy and saving you time by not having to manually update records.
  • With PhoneTree and VoiceWave, you can let your congregants know about upcoming events, event delays, or cancellations using voice, text, or e-mail messages.
  • ACS lets you build a list of e-mail recipients based on the records in your database. You can learn more about Sending E-mails in ACS.
  • Quick View for ACS People and ACS Organizations provides a quick listing and summary of the individuals or organizations in your database. It's a smaller program you can use to quickly look up basic information.
  • With ACS Mail Merge, you can create letters, mailing labels, and envelopes for individuals in your database.