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ACS People Suite has a variety of maintenance utilities to resolve various scenarios. Be sure to perform a manual backup before using these utilities.

 To Access People Maintenance Utilities
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Admin Utilities tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Maintenance Utilities and click Go .
  3. Select the appropriate utility.
ACS People Suite - Maintenance Menu

Verify Sort Fields
This utility regenerates sort fields. Sort fields are ACS fields assigned to each individual. The sort field is a code that represents the head of household's name, the individual's family position, whether or not the name should be indented in the Find Person option, and whether or not the individual has the same last name as the head of household.

Run this utility if someone is not listed alphabetically or indented properly in Find Person, or if names are not grounded properly in a report such as the Church Directory or Master People Listing.

Verify Label Names
This utility regenerates label names for all individuals who have not retained selected information on the Labels tab in the People module. Run this utility if there are issues with labels or names in the Contributions module. You should also run this utility after running the Verify Sort Fields utility.

Verify Individual ID
This utility verifies that each person's individual ID is valid. Run this utility for issues with reports. ACS Technologies recommends that you run this utility in addition to the other three maintenance utilities.

Verify Individual Number
This utility verifies that each person's individual number matches the correct family position. Run this utility for issues with reports. ACS Technologies recommends that you run this utility in addition to the other three maintenance utilities.

Clear Contribution Locks
This utility clears any transactions, pledges, or batches that have not been cleared. You cannot access a record unless it is cleared. Run this utility if your computer shuts down unexpectedly or you get an error and the record you worked on did not clear.

Void Negative Transactions
This utility will void any contributions that were entered as negative transactions. You can search for transactions with any date range, select the transactions, and void them. This way, these transactions will not show on any of your contributions statements that are sent to contributors.

Manage Duplicate E-mails
This utility displays a list of all duplicate email addresses in your People database. You can edit or delete duplicate email addresses from this utility.

Verify Search Tree
This utility verifies the parent-child relationship of an organization and inserts the hierarchy information in the proper table. Run this utility if you experience issues with searches, adding new Organizations records, or editing the parent ID.