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Before you begin entering records and working in People, it's important to set up the software correctly. These steps will guide you through this process.

  Read the topic Getting Started with ACS People to learn about important steps to take before entering information in ACS People.

  Think about the information you want to track in ACS. To help you, we've created a list of questions to think about before setting up ACS, as well as procedures for setting up the options. Thinking about what to track before setting up ACS saves time and is much easier than reorganizing a database after entering records.

  Set up initial users and security settings in Add/Edit Users. Everyone who enters data in ACS must have a user record, and security settings control the areas of the software an individual can view or edit. Remember, it is easier to give additional access than take it away.

  Use People Setup to customize your ACS People Suite user experience. In this area, you can change family position settings, enable duplicate record tracking, and set up other defaults.

  Decide if you want to activate the People Changes Log. This log tracks changes made on an individual's record.

  Set up dates, fields, and lists to effectively manage your data in Define Lists. You can also activate additional fields to track items not in Define Lists.

  Add families and individual records. ACS records are organized by family, even if a family only has one individual. Once you add a family record, you can add records for each family member.