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How do I print W-2s for my employees?

Printing W-2s is one of the most important tasks you perform at year-end. Because it's so important, ACS recommends that you first print your W-2s on plain paper to make sure the forms line up correctly and that each employee's totals are correct.

Print W-2s from Payroll > Period End Reports. Select the report type for your W-2 forms. Select the correct tax year to report and verify that your federal and state tax ID numbers are correct.

You can enter your state's two-character postal abbreviation in the State field. However, if you have employees who are paying taxes in a different state than the one you enter, a W-2 does not print for those employees. You must print a second set of W-2s for employees paying taxes in a separate state.

Typically, ACS recommends printing one copy. We also recommend printing your W-2s in batches and collate them manually. The two-part form prints two employees on each form, and the four-part form prints one employee on each form.

If you print two-part forms, you can adjust the printing of the second W-2 with the Adjust 2nd W-2 option. Use the arrows to increase or decrease the spacing between the top and bottom forms. Use the Up arrow to increase the spacing and move the printing down on the page. Use the Down arrow to decrease the spacing and move the printing up on the page.

To order W-2 forms, visit our Online Store. For information on how to complete W-2s, see the IRS booklet Instructions for Form W-2, or visit the IRS website.

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How do I correct a W-2 that is wrong?

Here are some helpful hints regarding editing W-2s in Add/Edit W-2 Totals:

  • No changes are saved until you click Apply. If you enter amounts and click Close without applying the new totals, you exit without saving your changes.
  • To clear all information, click Reset.
  • Any changes that you make change the amounts that print on the Form 941 report.
    When changing the Total Gross, Deduction, or Addition fields, ACS prompts you to disburse the amount to a specific Cost Center and Pay Type. The default Cost Centers and Pay Types that display are gathered from those on the Pay tab of the employees record.
  • Each of the employee wage fields represent the amount of employee wages that are taxable (according to the Pay Type used for those wage amounts). Adjustments may or may not be included on this window according to the taxable settings for each individual adjustment.
  • You can print W-2s for all employees or reprint for a single employee. You can also view or print them at any time for the current year to determine if tax options have been set up correctly, and you can print them for the previous year after running Payroll in the new year.
 To print a W-2 for one employee
  1. In Period End Reports, select the W-2 tab.
  2. In the Employee field at the bottom, select the employee.
  3. In the To field, select the same employee again.

Local Taxes

When editing the W-2 for local taxes (box 18 and 19), you can edit for three local taxes but only two display on the printed W-2. If there are more than two local taxes, print a separate W-2 for the employee to accommodate the multiple local taxes. The W-2 form instructions (on the back of the W-2) tell you how to handle this type of situation. Loading the year-end update does not affect local tax table codes, so you must manually enter these changes.

When printing W-2s, ACS determines local taxes by the checks posted to the code(s) attached to the employee record. If local taxes do not print on the W-2, make sure the current local tax code is assigned to the employee's record on the Taxes tab in Add/Edit Employees.


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The housing allowance does not print on my pastor's W-2. How do I get it to print?

You can print the housing allowance on the pastor's W-2.

 To edit the W-2 for version 9.1 and earlier
  1. In Financials, click the Utilities tab.
  2. Click Add/Edit W-2 Totals.
  3. In box a, select the individual.
  4. Click in box 14 Other, then enter the housing allowance amount.
  5. Click Apply to save the changes
 To edit the W-2 for version 10.0 and later
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Period End Procedures tab.
  2. From the drop-down list, click Add/Edit W-2 Totals and click Go .
  3. In box a Employee, select the individual.
  4. In box 14 Other, select Override Box 14 Totals.
  5. Under 14 Other, enter the housing allowance amount.
  6. Click Apply to save the changes.


On the Add Edit Adjustment Menu, the W-2 Box adjustment lets you automatically display accumulative amounts for the specific adjustments in the following W-2 total fields (Boxes 8, 10, 12 a-d, or 14). ACS lets you override the amount if the adjustment W-2 box is not selected.

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Should the 941 for all four quarters match the W-3?

Yes. Each of your quarterly 941 forms prints the totals of your federal taxable wages and tips, FICA wages and tips, and Medicare wages and tips. Your tax liability is calculated each quarter also. You submit the amount of tax liability calculated to the IRS.

When you submit the W-3 at the end of the year, the IRS verifies that the totals on the W-3 match the totals on the 941 forms that you submitted each quarter.

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Why does the 941 not reflect changes that have been made to the W-2 totals?

When you generate your 941, ACS holds the totals from the 941 in a file not affected by Payroll module changes. If you generated your 941 before making changes to an employee's W-2, you must generate a new 941 or edit the existing one.

ACS recommends that you refer to the IRS Form 941 instructions on the IRS website before editing 941 fields.

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Is the 941 that ACS prints approved by the IRS?

Yes. Although the forms look slightly different from the blank government forms, it is fully approved by the IRS. You must load the annual tax update at the end of each year to ensure your forms and tax tables are current.

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Should total taxes match total liabilities on the 941?

Yes. Total taxes for the quarter must match the total liability for the quarter section on Schedule B of the 941. Small differences can occur due to rounding to the nearest cent each time you compute payroll. This difference is entered on line 7a (Current quarter's fractions of cents) on the 941.

Any amount of $2 or less is adjusted for you. You can research differences greater than $2 by comparing Schedule B of each payroll check run to the amounts shown on the Liability Report for the same date range.

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Can I make 941 tax deposits electronically?

Yes. You can make your deposits electronically by using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System website.

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How do I receive tax updates?

On or around December 15th of each year, ACS posts an annual payroll tax update on the Support page of our website. Click Downloads and log in with your site number, name, and e-mail address to access the update file.

We also e-mail all Payroll clients when the tax update is available. The file is small and the download is fast, so even dial-up users can download the tax update easily. Check your account details at the ACS Client Portal to make sure ACS Technologies has your correct e-mail address.

For more information on the Payroll tax update, see the Payroll Year-End Tax Update FAQ.

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How do I enter Christmas bonus checks?

Because there are many factors to consider, you can print a Christmas bonus check using several methods. Is the bonus being charged to one account or to different expense accounts? Is it a separate check just for the bonus amount or is it included in a regular pay check? Do you plan to withhold taxes from the bonus?

Here are two ways to print bonus checks.

Option 1

 To add an adjustment for bonus checks
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Define Lists tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Payroll and click Go .
  3. Under Available Lists, select Adjustments and click Add.
  4. Enter the Adjustment Code and in the drop-down list, select Addition.
  5. Enter a description for the adjustment. Ex: Christmas Bonus.
  6. Enter or select the appropriate Debit Account.
  7. Under For Period, select Period 6 since this adjustment is used only once a year.
  8. Under Tax Flags, check the appropriate tax and workers compensation checkboxes.
  9. Select or enter the Calculation Details:
    • Amount - Select if the adjustment is a dollar amount.
    • Percentage - Select if the adjustment is a percentage.
    • Period - Select if the amount is adjusted from the employee's total wages.
    • Hour - Select if the amount is adjusted from the employee's hourly wages.
    • Global Amount - Enter an amount if it applies for everyone who receives the adjustment.
    • Global Limit - Enter a limit if it applies to everyone who receives the adjustment.
  10. Click OK.
 To print a separate bonus check
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Transactions tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Payroll Checks and click Go .
  3. Click Preview/Issue Checks and Issue Checks.
  4. Select the Bank you want to issue the check from.
  5. In the Employee field, enter the employee's name or click Lookup .
  6. In the Pay Period list, select 6.
  7. To print for this entry, do not enter a check number in the Chk No. (Check Number) field. If you only want to post the entry to the General Ledger, enter the correct check number. Then select the appropriate Check Date.
  8. In the Prd Start (Period Start) and Prd End (Period End) fields, enter the pay period's starting and ending dates.
  9. In the Wages section, the default wage amounts display for the selected employee. Delete the wage amounts that you do not want to include with the Christmas Bonus by selecting the pay line and clicking Delete. This does not delete wages from records but deletes them from the pay run.
    • For exempt employees, double-click on the bonus Pay Type and enter the desired Christmas Bonus amount in the Wages section.
    • For hourly employees, double-click on the bonus Pay Type and enter 1 hour if the hourly amount displays the desired bonus amount.
  10. In the Adjustments section, default adjustments display for the selected employee. To delete the adjustments that you do not want to include, select the adjustment and click Delete.
  11. In the Taxes section, edit or delete taxes if desired by clicking into the desired tax field. Some tax fields may be unavailable if the selected employee is exempt from a specific tax or if no tax table is defined on the employee record. Do not edit these amounts until you have defined all wage and adjustment amounts.


    If you edit the FICA and Medicare tax on the Christmas Bonus check (or any other pay check) then the calculations on the 941 will not match the ACS Liability report. The 941 (line 6 and 7) calculates the FICA and Medicare tax based on the FICA and Medicare taxable wage. On the 941, line 6 multiplies the FICA wage (box 3 on the W2) by 12.4% and line 7 multiplies the Medicare wage (box 5 on the W2) by 2.9%. If the FICA/Medicare taxes are changed on a pay check, the top portion of the 941 will calculate what should have been withheld, but the ACS Liability report shows what taxes were actually withheld.

  12. To save the current check, click OK. The Issue Check window displays again.
  13. To issue additional checks, click New, or click Close to close the Issue Check window and preview your checks.


Option 2

In Define Lists, add a new cost center and pay type for the bonus. Then, attach them to your employee's records and print the check as a part of your check run.

 To add a cost center for bonus checks
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Define Lists tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Payroll and click Go .
  3. Select Cost Centers and click Add.
  4. Enter a cost center Code and Description (For example, Christmas Bonus).
  5. Enter the Expense Account number or click Lookup to select an account. The Expense Account is the account to which bonuses are charged to in General Ledger.
  6. Enter the Checking Account number or click Lookup to select a checking account.
  7. On the Tax Accounts tab, accept the default account codes or change them to the correct codes.The system defaults to the last set of account codes entered.
  8. Click OK.
 To add a bonus pay type
  1. Under Advanced Tools, click the Define Lists tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Payroll and click Go .
  3. Under Available Lists, select Pay Types, then click Add.
  4. Enter a pay type Code and Description (For example, Christmas Bonus). Pay Type descriptions print on employee check stubs. It is important to remember this when naming Pay Types.
  5. For each applicable tax field on the table, indicate whether or not each field is taxable or non-taxable. Enter Y for taxable or an N for non-taxable.
  6. When finished, click Close.
 To attach the cost center and pay type to the employee's record
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Records tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Add/Edit Employees and click Go .
  3. Select the employee's record and click Edit.
  4. On the Pay tab, click Add.
  5. In the Pay Type field, enter the pay type or click Lookup to select it.
  6. In the Cost Center field, enter the cost center or click Lookup to select it.
  7. If the employee is salaried, then select Salaried and change the gross to zero. If the employee is hourly, select Hourly, enter the number of hours as 0 and enter the hourly rate to equal the Christmas Bonus amount.
  8. Click OK.
 To print a payroll check combined with the Christmas Bonus
  1. Enter Time Sheets.
  2. Print the Time Sheet Journal report.
  3. Process and print the Payroll Journal report.
  4. Preview checks, if desired.
  5. Print Payroll checks (and direct deposit stubs, if applicable).
  6. If using the Direct Deposit Feature, create an ACH File.
  7. Print the Check Register Journal report.
  8. Post Payroll to the General Ledger.


To print the bonus as a separate check, select Issue Checks and use just the Cost Center and Pay Type you set up.

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Do I have to close the year in Payroll?

No. Payroll does not have year-end closing procedures. Closing the month of December advances all default posting dates to January of the new year. However, do not close the month of December in Payroll until you post the last payroll of the year.

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