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Payroll Inquiry

In Inquiry, what does LTD stand for?

In Payroll Inquiry, LTD stands for Lifetime-to-date. Select this option to display employee information since the employee was entered into the ACS Payroll module through current information.

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In Inquiry, what does Check Number ADJUST mean?

In Payroll Inquiry, when ADJUST is listed as the check number, it means that someone made a W-2 adjustment for the selected employee. To view the details of this adjustment, print the W-2 Adjustments Report for the employee.

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Payroll Reports

What is the 941-V and 941-A?

941-V - 941-V is the Payment Voucher to send with Form 941 if you are not a weekly depositor. You can print it after completing Form 941 (it prints at the bottom of the page). See Creating and Printing Form 941.

941-A - The 941-A report shows quarterly gross pay, the taxable pay amount, and the difference between gross and taxable pay for all employees in a selected state (or states). See Printing Form 941-A.

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What report can I use to pay my tax liabilities?

Use the Liability Report to calculate the amount of taxes owed. The Liability Report displays the total liability for a selected period including: tax deductions, employer contributions, workers' compensation, wages, and adjustments. You can filter it to display only Federal or State taxes.

 To print the Liability Report
  1. Under Generate Reports, click the Reports tab.
  2. In the drop-down list, select Payroll and click Go .
  3. Expand Journals, then select the Liability Report.
  4. Under Report Options, select the appropriate period and click Customize.
  5. Under Report Type, select All, Taxes, or Other Adjustments. If you select Taxes, you can choose State or Federal.
  6. Select the appropriate Report Style, then click Preview.

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Where does the number of employees on the Form 941 come from?

The number of employees that prints on the Form 941 comes from the number of employees paid for the pay period, including March 12, June 12, September 12, or December 12 for the quarter listed at the top of the return. This may or may not match the number of employees on the Liability Report.

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Why are my Form 941 amounts inconsistent each quarter? 

Your Form 941 may be off a few cents due to rounding over time from tax calculations. 

For example, FICA Taxes on each individual totals to $432.17. FICA Taxes for the Total Quarter (941 line 17d) shows $432.16 (.01 less). Individual totals pull from net taxes, and total quarter pulls from individual taxes per person/per pay period.

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