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What is the Parochial Report?

The Parochial Report is a report used by Episcopal parishes to generate totals using the ACS People, Contributions, Attendance, and General Ledger modules. It includes member management, financial management, and reporting functions in one integrated application and replaces the Church Report.

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What version of ACS do you have to be on to load the Parochial Report?

You must use ACS 2006 Edition or higher.

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What is the difference between the Parochial Report and the Church Report?

Parochial Report - A report used by Episcopal parishes to generate totals using the ACS People, Contributions, Attendance and General Ledger modules.

Church Report - A report used to create standard statistical reports that give you a snapshot of the day-to-day and year-to-year makeup of your organization and can be used across denominations.

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How do I set up rights for Parochial Report users?

Once you install the Parochial Report, you must assign rights to existing users in order for them to view and use the program. You assign user rights for Parochial Report in ACS People or ACS Financials.

To assign user rights, you must have Add/Edit Users security rights in ACS.

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What is the UEID number?

UEID stands for Universal Episcopal Identifier. This number is issued by the National Episcopal Church. Dioceses know the UEID for all their parishes, and it is also printed on the hard copy parochial report that is sent to each parish.

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Where can I receive further information about the Parochial Report?

You can learn more about the report on the ACS Technologies website.

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In People, what fields do I need to use so totals calculate correctly?

You need to track Date of Birth and Member Status. Use the Additional Fields tab to maintain fields such as Date Joined, Joined How, Date Removed, How Removed, Date Baptized and Date Confirmed.

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What is an Override and how does it affect my totals?

Overrides are totals that are entered manually on the report. An explanation should accompany the override for historical reference. If an override is used, the report uses the override total.

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Once the report is archived, can I make changes to it?

Yes. Once changes are made, you can archive the report again, overwriting the existing report. You can do this by setting back the year in Setup.

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If a Service Type is inactive, can I still see it on the Service Register?

Yes. You can still see the Service on the Service Register. If a Service Type is inactive, you cannot see the type in the drop-down list when you add a service to the register unless you check the option to Show Inactive Items.

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Do I need the Attendance module for Parochial Report?

No. On the Membership, Attendance and Services page 2, line 6, the report takes the Total to Date from the Service Register and divides it by the number of weeks in the year. Line 20, counts the number of individuals that are enrolled in either an activity group or attendance class

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If I have one account in which I deposit money for multiple funds, how can I separate the amount on my report?

ACS is not designed to allow you to select transactions within an account to apply to a line on the parochial report. This situation occurs, not only when multiple funds are involved, but also when mixed transactions to the same fund - some that do apply to the Parochial Report and others that do not apply - are entered into a single account. However, if this occurs, there are two options:

Option 1: Add new accounts to separate the amount between the multiple funds and associate the line with the correct account.

 To add a new account in General Ledger
  1. Under Manage Records, click the Chart of Accounts tab.
  2. From the drop-down list, select Add Account and click Go .
  3. Enter an Account Code.
  4. Enter an account Name.
  5. Select Account Headings, Departments, Funds, Committees, and Areas as necessary.
  6. If this is a checking account, select Checking. Select the bank account associated with the checking account.
  7. If necessary, enter any Comments about this account.
  8. Click OK.

Option 2: Attach the line and enter an override for the amount and give a brief explanation of the override.

 To enter an override
  1. In the Parochial Report, on the Stewardship and Financial Page 3, locate the line.
  2. In the Override field, enter the amount. 
  3. In the Override Explanation field, enter a brief explanation of the override.
  4. Click OK.


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When I print the Exceptions Report, I am missing a line for one of my accounts.

You need to attach the line to the appropriate account.

 To attach the line to an account
  1. On Stewardship and Financial Page 3, select the Setup tab.
  2. Locate the account number.
  3. Click the line and assign it to the Balance, Debits, or Credits fields.
  4. Click Report.
  5. Click Yes to save your settings.


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How can I verify that the number of signed pledge cards for the reporting year is correct?

To verify the number of signed pledge cards, print the Contributions Pledge Detail Listing Report. The total contributors should match the total on the line if there are no records with a zero amount pledge. Remember to only select the Funds included on the Parochial Report, and Include Deactivated Contributors.

 To print the Pledge Detail Listing
  1. Log into the ACS People Suite.
  2. Under Searches and Reports, click the Reports tab.
  3. In the drop-down list, select Contributions Reports and click Go .
  4. Expand Lists, then select Pledge Detail Listing.
  5. On the Report Options tab, select the year or date range to run the report for.
  6. Select Include Deactivated Contributors.
  7. Select Selected Funds, then click Select and use the right red arrow to choose the desired Funds. When finished, click Return.
  8. Click Preview to display the report.


The last page of the report displays a total count of Contributors who have a pledge record for the selected year and fund. The Pledge Detail Report does not include zero pledge records, only records that have a dollar amount.

The Current Detail Report from the Parochial Report prints each individual that makes up the generated total. This report can include zero pledges if that option is selected.


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How can I verify if the total dollar amount pledge for the reporting year is correct for line 2 of the Parochial Report?

Use the above steps to print the Pledge Detail Listing. On the last page of the report, the Total Pledge Amount column should match the amount showing on line 2 of the Parochial Report.

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Can items in Define Lists be deleted?

You cannot delete items that are assigned to to a Register of Church Services entry.

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